Already Planning

Those of you who know us well know that Maria is a master planner — she doesn’t really like it when she feels she isn’t in control (good luck with that, Troy…). She’s had much of this wedding planned for months, but now that they are officially engaged, everything has become a lot more…real. There are a lot of decisions to make, some before others, and a lot of of details to keep track of (luckily Maria is great with minute details!).

Maria is super excited that she’s already got this website up and running, and has ordered her first round of invitation samples, as well as discussed, at length, dresses, flowers, color scheme, food, beverage, dessert, favors, photographer, save-the-dates, and music choices with her future bridesmaids (shhh — she hasn’t asked anyone yet, and she wants it to be a surprise!).

Troy has weighed in on suit colors, venue, and music, but is much happier taking a backseat to all of this wedding planning. He will, of course, have a say in the final product, but right now Maria is enjoying the excitement of exploring everything the wedding industry has to offer. Until she wears herself out, Troy is happy to let her run wild…for now.


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