Less than 200 Days Until… Our Honeymoon!

Although it seems like forever until our wedding, it’s an even longer wait for our honeymoon. Not going to lie, I think I might be looking forward to the honeymoon more than the actual wedding… Mr. Plane’s main task in the wedding planning process was booking our honeymoon, and I think he did a great job finding Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort in Aruba!

(All photos courtesy of the Bucuti Facebook Page)

I know you are already hearing that Beach Boys song playing in your head…

As soon as we decided where we wanted to honeymoon (pretty much anywhere outside of the hurricane belt…), it didn’t take long for Mr. Plane to find this beautiful (adult-exclusive!) resort.

I’ll be camped out on one of those loungers for the majority of the trip.

We booked over a year in advance because we wanted to be sure we were in the penthouse suite — and that’s exactly where we will be in in less than 200 days!

I’ve also been stalking their website and Facebook page, and Bucuti has been doing some serious renovations in preparation for our arrival, including the addition of a brand new restaurant.

While we cannot wait for the wedding, we are ecstatic to be able to look forward to this amazing vacation and to spending our first days as husband and wife at Bucuti.

Anyone else considering Aruba for their honeymoon? Did you plan your honeymoon based on the hurricane season?


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