Choosing our Date: How it Happened

Probably the question that we get asked the most (and currently one of the easiest to answer!) is, “When is the wedding?” As you loyal readers know, September 28, 2013, is the day (exactly 500 days from today!)

Maria has known for a long time that she wanted a fall wedding. Troy’s favorite color is orange, and the mother of the bride loves yellow. Fall is Maria’s favorite season because of the colors, the football games, and the revived energy of the college campus where she works. However, one of these loves was also the reason we had originally determined that we would likely not have a fall wedding: Michigan football!

In order to avoid the possibility of ruining a perfectly good football Saturday with a wedding, our original date was the last weekend in August, the weekend before Labor Day, and the closest possible weekend to the fall without interfering with the football schedule. However, our venue wasn’t available any Saturday in August. So on to Plan B.

The New York Times recently published an article explaining the hardships some brides are facing when it comes to choosing their fall wedding date due to the currently unpublished football schedules. Luckily, Michigan’s 2013 schedule is already set and available via a quick Google search. While we were visiting our venue and realizing that an August wedding wasn’t going to happen, Maria mentioned the desire to have a fall wedding and that late August was the compromise.

Troy: “Well, why not just have a wedding in the fall then?”

Maria: “But what about football?!”

(Yes, it was Maria that was more concerned about the football schedule.)

Once we determined that the bye week for the 2013 season fell on the 28th, that basically sealed the deal. We also considered the weekend before (an away game against a nonconference team), but quickly realized that the father of the groom celebrates his birthday on the 21st.

The 28th was our date!

Michigan Stadium on our wedding day – empty!

Maria still has some apprehensions about a wedding during football season (she stopped herself from checking the football schedules of all the other Big 10 teams in an attempt to salvage some of her sanity), but Troy has been a calming force. He reasoned that the biggest football fans in the room are going to be the bride and groom – if we can manage a Saturday in the fall without football, he’s sure everyone else will be able to as well!


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