Engagement Photos on My Mind: The Setting

More than a year prior to the wedding, Mr. Plane and I had the opportunity to finally work with our amazing photographer for the first time. We had our engagement photo session scheduled for the second weekend in September, one of my favorite times of the year, in Ann Arbor, one of my favorite places in Michigan. There is nothing like September in Ann Arbor. There is an energy in the city that only exists during the fall, and I think we were able to capture some of that in our photos.

We started in the afternoon in U-M’s Arboretum (or, the Arb as it is more commonly referred to) getting some “nature-y” shots. The Arb is a little nature amid the hustle of the city — it makes me think of what Ann Arbor used to look like, when it was dubbed “Tree City”. Prior to the shoot, Mr. Plane and I took a trip to the Arb and scouted out some locations.

Above photos personal

Here are some of the shots we ended up with!



68488_442455625795869_747147721_nAbove photos by studiOsnap

Following these outdoorsy shots, as well as a change of wardrobe, we made our way downtown at dusk for some city shots. Ann Arbor is where our relationship began, and the majority of our dates during our college years happened right here. We still frequent the bars and restaurants of Main Street quite often, which is where the second part of the photo shoot took place.

Main Street Lights by JSmith Photo

Photo via Vinology Ann Arbor

Insert Airplanes!





Above photos by studiOsnap

More engagement photo inspiration to come!

Did you have engagement photos taken? How were the locations special to you?

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