Finding a Florist, and the Charm of Alliteration

Outside of wedding planning, I’m also finishing a master’s program at the University of Michigan in Higher Education Administration. I’m about halfway through the last semester and, while it’s not as busy as others because I’m only taking 4 credits, midterms are still midterms and things have been a little hectic around here. I have a feeling things won’t slow down until I make it to graduation in May!

However, every so often, when I have a little downtime or when I have a sudden feeling that something needs to get done RIGHTNOW, I am still checking things off the list, little by little.

Example: today I booked our florist!

Prepare for gratuitous floral arrangement pictures. / Floral creation and photo by Tom Thompson Flowers

I’ve known about Tom Thompson’s beautiful flower arrangements for some time. He is the main provider of flowers at the club where Mr. Plane works, and everything I have seen has been so amazingly beautiful. It would have been a no-brainer, except I figured he was out of our budget. And, silly me, I didn’t even check his prices because I didn’t want to even start to get my hopes up!

Floral creation and photo by Tom Thompson Flowers

After a few interviews with lackluster florists, I had a bit of an epiphany. Honestly, I’m not a big flower person. While they are beautiful and I’ve seen some amazing arrangements, they are just not one of those priorities that I want to spend a large chunk of the budget on.

Floral creation and photo by Tom Thompson Flowers

After seeing the prices of a few florists and figuring out how much they upcharge for weddings (highway robbery, I tell you), I realized two things: one, flowers are not going to be a large part of our wedding. We’ll have the bare-bones of flowers: bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages for the moms…and maybe some ceremony decorations. That’s it! I already knew our centerpieces weren’t going to be floral…

Centerpiece inspiration. / Photo via HGTV

…so really, there were only going to be a few elements that the florist will be responsible for. This led me to my next realization: if we’re only doing a few pieces, I want them done by the best florist in town. That, in my opinion, is Tom Thompson! Plus, how can you not love the alliteration? So charming.

Floral creation and photo by Tom Thompson Flowers

So I finally emailed Mr. Thompson and he mailed me his price list (yep, snail mailed. This guy is old school). The short end to this long story is that his prices were lower than most of the florists I had met with. Lower! After all that, his prices were right within our budget.

An arrangement Mr. Plane brought home for me after an event at the club. /  Personal photo

So next we get to decide what types of flowers we want. More on that epic battle soon…

Did flowers play a large or small role in your wedding? Were you able to book your dream florist within your budget?


2 thoughts on “Finding a Florist, and the Charm of Alliteration

  1. Very beautiful pieces. I like your thought on the center pieces. I agree thoroughly, cut flowers are a waste. But they are nice every other year or so!

    Love you bunches!

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