Asking the Girls

Now that our entire wedding party has been formally asked to participate in the wedding, I can finally share my first DIY project, my “Will You Be My” gifts!

2012-04-13 20.54.50

Brides are finding such cute and inventive ways to ask their friends and family to stand up in their weddings. After pursuing some of my favorites, I came up with this idea.

2012-04-13 20.52.29

I wanted to do something a little different, and, since my favorite alcoholic bevvy right now is champagne, I decided to give my girls a little something extra to celebrate with.

2012-04-13 20.31.55

Items needed:

  • a bottle of champagne for every girl (or sparkling juice for the youngsters)
  • label stock
  • a printer
  • cute gift bag
  • tag or card for the exterior

2012-04-13 20.32.19

I actually designed the labels myself in Word and printed them up at work (shhh!). There was originally a back to the labels with a little poem, but it was a bit cheesy, and didn’t really fit onto the bottles.

All of the girls were so happy! There were even some tears!

This was such a fun, simple project and I was really thrilled with the way they turned out!

How did you ask your wedding party to join you on your big day?


3 thoughts on “Asking the Girls

  1. What a great idea! I almost cried too just looking at the bottle. Then ideas started running through my head! Birthdays, anniversary’s and so on. Very Cute!

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