He Said, She Said

Today, the bride and groom have each separately answered a series of questions about their relationship, the wedding, and beyond. See how our responses compare!

The Bride-to-be: Maria Pickl, 26
The Groom-to-be:
Troy Stieve, 27

When did you get engaged?
She said: March 31, 2012. He proposed to me on the Tridge! It was the most exciting moment of my life.
He said:
March 31st 2012.

How did you first meet?
She said: He was visiting a friend at U of M that helped me move in my stuff sophomore year. We saw each other a few more times when he was visiting, and started talking/flirting more as the semester progressed. We officially started dating on New Year’s Eve that year.
He said:
We met the day she moved into the dorms her sophomore year at U of M. That night I invited her to go out with some friends but she politely declined. We crossed paths a couple times in the following months before we started talking on a regular basis.

When/how did you first fall in love with your significant other?
She said: When we lived up north for a summer. It was so fun to experience new things together — take trips, explore the city, find our favorite restaurants that we still visit every time we travel up there.
He said:
Over the 1st summer we were together. Being able to spend so much time together and learning as much about each other that we did.

What’s the most memorable date you’ve had?
She said: Probably when we were in Hilton Head, South Carolina for my birthday. He made a reservation at this really fancy restaurant, but it was never confirmed, and when we got there (all dressed up for a fancy meal), they were completely full. He was upset, I ended up in tears, but we finally got a reservation at, like, 10:00! I wish I could say the food was great (it wasn’t), but the memorable part was him taking me back to our hotel, making me a cheese and cracker appetizer, and letting me open my presents. I felt a lot better afterwards.
He said:
Our first date is what keeps coming to mind. I have given this one the most thought trying to think of a different one. There have been tons of great dates, but our first date keeps coming to mind. It was a very normal first date. We went to Applebee’s with another couple. Afterwards we just went back to the dorms and watched Mr & Mrs Smith together.

What quality do you most admire about the other person?
She said:
His level-headedness. Whenever I am stressed or freaking out about something, he is always very calm. It takes a lot to get him riled up, which is why I think we are such a good match — he keeps me grounded.
He said:
Her planning and organizational ability. Without that this wedding would be much more stressful. Also she has amazing eyes.

How would you describe the style of your wedding?
She said: Winery-inspired modern-traditional with a touch of whimsy.
He said:
Not over the top while being very unique to each of our tastes.

What’s been the most fun detail of your wedding to plan?
She said: So far, apparel. I LOVED dress shopping for my dress as well as my bridesmaids’.
He said:
Not sure if this counts, but the engagement photos were a lot of fun.

What’s been the most difficult detail of your wedding to agree upon?
She said: The flowers! I don’t want to talk about it.
He said:
The dinner entrée.

What do you look most forward to: the wedding day, the wedding night, the honeymoon?
She said: The honeymoon.
He said:
The wedding day.

What will be the most unique detail at your wedding ceremony/reception?
She said: Boxes of Tic-Tacs for guests to shake in lieu of clinking their glasses to make us kiss.
He said:
The personalized wedding themed lawn game during the hors d’oeuvres hour.

How did you/do you plan to celebrate your bachelor/bachelorette parties?
She said: TBD, but I hope for a limo full of my favorite girls for a local night out. Some of my ladies might also plan a trip to Nashville.
He said:
No idea yet. Weekend in Vegas is possible, but at this moment I have no idea.

What moment of your wedding day are you most anticipating?
She said: The first-look photo shoot.
He said:
Golf in the morning… But really, seeing Maria as happy as ever in her dress for the first time.

How will you feel when the wedding planning is all over?
She said: I probably won’t know what to do with all of my free time! And I’ll be looking forward to seeing all of the photos.
He said:
Happy to be moving on to home buying planning.

What are your honeymoon plans?
She said: Aruba!
He said:
A wonderful week at one of the nicest resorts in the Caribbean. We’ll be staying a week at the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort in Aruba where will enjoy the beautiful beach and eat at many of the fine restaurants Aruba has to offer.


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