Cake! Well, kind of.

Another major thing that we got checked off of our list this past weekend was finding a baker to cater our dessert table. This is a semi-nontraditional thing we are planning – no cake, no cake cutting, just loads of mini desserts. Trust me, it’s going to be fabulous.

I had two caterers in mind when I started planning the dessert table. My top choice sent me an incredible menu, with an equally incredible (read: ridiculously expensive) price tag. But, I had tasted his desserts before and I knew they would be awesome. However, after two requests to schedule a tasting went unanswered, I started to question his professionalism and if I really wanted to deal with an unresponsive vendor.

Meanwhile, the other baker I emailed was not only responsive but seemed genuinely excited about working with us. She offered to set up a tasting immediately and we happily accepted. Instead of a full-blown caterer like the first guy, Tracey from Back Home Bakery is strictly desserts. Works for me!

We arranged to meet Tracey at her newly opened storefront which happened to be within walking distance from our condo. How convenient! When we arrived, we took a seat at a table and Tracey brought over a large white box.


She opened the top and we were greeted with this sight:


So many minis!

I had conveyed to Tracey that we were interested in doing a mini dessert bar, and mini desserts are what she provided! She told us to take the box home and take our time trying everything. We asked a few more questions before gleefully heading home to dig into the delicious desserts.

Close up!

We barely made a dent in the selection the first day, and are still working on trying everything three days later! And trust me when I say it is not because anything is disappointing – everything I have tried has been fantastic! Equally exciting, Tracey is totally willing to try new recipes or alter the selection in any way we’d like. Hooray for accommodating vendors!



I’m excited to say that we’ve found our baker for the wedding!

Are you planning on doing a non-traditional dessert for your wedding? Were you forced to give up on a vendor due to unresponsiveness?

(All photos personal.)


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