Adventures in Registering, Part 1

Last month we went to begin the bridal registry process. In considering where we would register, we took into consideration the store’s inventory (do they have things we would buy for ourselves?), accessibility for our guests (are there store locations near where the majority of our guests live?), and registry perks (do we get a discount if we decide to buy any unpurchased items on our registry post-wedding?). I had heard some horror stories about certain stores that will remain nameless (baby items popping up randomly on a wedding registry?! No thanks!), so I knew I wanted to avoid those places. Thinking about all of this led us to our first stop at Bed Bath & Beyond!


The local B3 / Photo via Panoramio

B3 is a great store because there are always coupons available and they have locations absolutely everywhere.

Before we went to our registry appointment, we sat down and made a list of all of the things we wanted to register for. Because we have lived in our condo together for 5+ years, we had a lot of the big ticket items that couples normally register (for example, I bought myself a KitchenAid mixer as a gift for completing my first semester of graduate school!). And, because we are hoping to move into a new place shortly after the wedding, we also couldn’t register for any décor, knowing that our interior design might be completely different once we get a new place.

Armed with our list, we went to B3 to get our scan on. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take any photos because I was so busy making decisions!

By far the most time-consuming decision was which fine china pattern we wanted to register for. Seriously guys, this is a big deal! At first, Mr. Plane and I didn’t even come close to liking the same patterns. But, after about half an hour (no joke), we settled on these beauties from Noritake.


Noritake® Platinum Wave Square 4-Piece Dinnerware Place Setting / Photo via Bed Bath & Beyond

I didn’t think I would be so excited about china, but I can’t wait to serve on these babies at our first formal dinner party as a married couple.

I’m also really obsessed with our flatware. It has a curved base that almost hugs your hand as you hold it. Sounds silly, but feels classy!


Torun Flatware 5-Piece Place Setting / Photo via Bed Bath & Beyond

We have one more store that we plan on registering at, so stay tuned for part two.

Where did you register? Were you excited about china and flatware, or did you skip it altogether?

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