Dressing the Crew: The Girls Decide

Another very important decision was made this week– the bridesmaids decided on their dresses!

Yes, you read that correctly — they decided on their dresses, not me! Once I determined the designer (Alfred Sung), fabric (peau de soie), and color (ebony), I asked the girls to collectively decide on one style of dress. Over the course of the decision making, my favorite dress fluctuated. I even went so far as momentarily considering letting each girl pick a different style dress, just so I wouldn’t have to make a decision!

After a ton of discussion and an outing with a couple of the ladies (I’ll refrain from posting supremely embarrassing photos, although they do exist!), we had the field narrowed down to a select few dresses.

dresses1 dresses2

All photos via Dessy, compiled by Miss Airplane

We seriously considered every one of these dresses. Each girl had her favorite, but ultimately we were able to come to a decision, and I couldn’t be happier (and I hope they are all happy, too!).

Ok, fine, one embarrassing photo — but I’m in it too!

photoFrom left to right: Mama Plane, BM Rocket, me (rocking some sweet socks), and MOH Morticia / Photo: personal

In this shot we were considering doing all different dresses, so everyone threw on a different dress to see how it would look. I’ll confess that I loved the purple dress that I had on, but realized it wasn’t for everyone. You’ll notice that one of my bridesmaids, BM Spring was unable to make it, but she weighed in from afar. Our dress (drum roll, please)…

The Alfred Sung d538!


Image via Dessy

I know, I’m sorry, I suck with all of these stock photos of the dress. But truth be told, I would rather show it to you on the model in the correct color than in bright orange on BM Rocket while she is wearing white tube socks (pretty sure she would murder me for posting that photo). Very excited with the simplicity of the dress and the dark color — perfect for a pop of yellow in their flowers and accessories.

How much say did your bridesmaids have in the dress decision? How long did it take you to decide on a dress/dresses?


2 thoughts on “Dressing the Crew: The Girls Decide

  1. Although they are all lovely, I am thinking number 5…or maybe number 6… Or maybe number 1…or maybe number 3…or maybe…

    Wow, it must have been a tough decision!

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