The Other White Dresses

Want to guess how obsessed I was with buying white dresses after we got engaged? Here’s a hint: I already have my dresses for both of my showers AND the rehearsal dinner. Boom.

I really didn’t mean to shop for white dresses. But as soon as I got engaged, all I wanted to do was wear white. Coincidence? Answer: no.

The first dress I found on clearance at Loft. Confession, I wore this to dinner on my birthday last year. I think I can reuse it without too much shame. What, you only wear outfits once? Well… I’m jealous.


Dress: Loft / Photo: Personal

The second dress came from Marshall’s, which is really a pain in the buns if you are not ready to dig through a ton of unorganized items to find that one thing that suits you perfectly. I fell in love with the lace backing of the dress when I went looking for summer dresses for work. It’s been sitting in a bag in my closet ever since.


Dress: Maggy London. Photos: Personal.

Dress: Maggy London, purchased at Marshall’s / Photos: Personal

Finally, I am so excited about this last dress. I found it on sample sale rack at a bridal salon when I went to try on dresses with my mother. It doesn’t have any tags or other identifying labels on it at all, so I’m thinking maybe it was made by the seamstress at the salon? Just a guess. It’s simple and sweet, and it is, technically, the first wedding dress I will wear, pre-wedding. The price tag said it was originally $850, reduced to $80!



Dress: Unknown / Photos: Personal

Now comes the difficult part: not buying any more white dresses! Let’s  hope bright colors are in this summer.

Were you obsessed with white dresses before your wedding?

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