Internet Killed the Video Star

…But look at what it has done for weddings!

Like most things, wedding planning has been drastically changed by the internet. Finding, reviewing, and stalking contacting vendors has become as easy as a mouse click and a few keystrokes. Inspiration abounds on wedding blogs, websites, and Pinterest pages. Any question a budding bride might have about her color scheme, etiquette, or how to make a paper pom pom just needs to ask our good friend Google. And don’t even get me started on online shopping!

I can’t think of any element of the wedding that hasn’t, in some part, been influenced by the internet. My guest lists are shared with the VIPs helping to plan the wedding. My blog feeder is filled with wedding blogs where cooking blogs once reined. I have researched almost every decision I have made thus far in the planning process, and all of my accessories, favors, and bridal party gifts will be purchased online. But my favorite and most positively influential aspect of the online wedding chaos has been the community of brides I have found that are sharing in a similar journey.

I’ve been a part of several active message boards since we got engaged (the ‘bee, of course, being a major one!). As that was nearly a year ago, the groups have continued to grow and change, but have always been a source of support, entertainment, ideas, and camaraderie. If I have a question about which necklace is going to look the best with my dress, or just looking to brag about the great deal I got on our save the dates, I have a place to do just that.

I love talking about the wedding with Mr. Plane, with my bridesmaids, with my mom and my future mother in law, and here on my own blog – let’s be honest, I’ll talk about weddings to just about anyone who asks! But for certain things — whether it is a surprise that I’m not ready to share or just something another bride in the planning process would better understand — I need to go straight to my “support group.”

Bride Power! / Photo from the Knot

Since becoming a bee, I can’t believe the amount of support I have received! To these people, to the readers and commenters on my posts thus far, I must say a great big THANK YOU! Without your opinions and insights, I would, without a doubt, drive those around me crazy with wedding talk (and lord knows I can’t make a decision without getting at least ten other opinions first).

I can’t wait to see you all on the “other side”!

Were you surprised by the great online communities you found during wedding planning?


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