Wine-ing Over Our First Gift

We received our very first wedding gift on Saturday!



What could it be??




It’s a gift from Jordan Winery! Mr. Plane made a visit to Jordan last fall on an all-expenses-paid trip where he was wined and dined and wined again. He had a great trip (even though he was without his Miss) and Jordan holds a special place in his heart — and our wine collection.

What did they send to us, you ask?



It’s a jeroboam (or 3-liter bottle) of wine! We plan to use the bottle as a type of guest book, and as you can see we already have a couple scribbles at the top. John Jordan and Rob Davis, the owner and head wine maker of Jordan Winery, were kind enough to kick off our guest book with signatures of their own. Cool, right?

Possibly my favorite part of the bottle is it’s vintage:


2005, Mr. Plane astutely pointed out, is year we met! Strangely enough, the people at Jordan had no way of knowing this, so it is incredibly special that this bottle would be a 2005.

What was your first wedding gift? Are you as big of a wino as we are?!

(All photos personal.)


3 thoughts on “Wine-ing Over Our First Gift

  1. We had a similar wedding gift. It was a bottle of champagne engraved with our names and the date of our wedding. 21 years later, we still have it.

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