Designing the Rings: Part I

My engagement ring was designed by Mr. Plane and custom-made by our jeweler, Chris Petersen of C. W. Petersen Jewelry in Ann Arbor. It was no question that we would be getting our wedding bands from Chris as well, and this past weekend we started the process by visiting Chris’s store and perusing some rings.

(All photos personal.)

photo 1 (4)

photo 3 (1)

So sparkly!

I went in with a pretty good idea of what I wanted: a simple, light band of diamonds that has a flat bottom, like my engagement ring. Simple, right? Here’s a reminder of what my e-ring looks like:

2012-04-02 12.04.53

Chis is going to take the triangular shape from the side of my ring and incorporate it into my wedding band. The next time we go in I’ll leave my ring (gasp!) and he’ll make some wax molds that I will pick from, which will eventually be used as the mold for my ring. I have to leave my e-ring so that the molds that are made include an indent for my e-ring so the two sit flush on my finger.

Done and done. Next?

photo 2 (2)

Mr. Plane, on the other hand, was a more difficult customer. He knew one thing: he wanted something unique. While not everyone is able to have their rings custom made, we both were sure that we wanted ours to be one-of-a-kind. We definitely will have to shuffle some things around in the budget, but for us this was an expense we were willing to splurge slightly on.

photo 5

Truth be told, men have very few options compared to women. Do you want a circle or…a circle? So finding something that was “unique” was going to be a challenge. But with Chris’s help, we managed to come up with something that was definitely different.

photo 4 (1)

Hey, look at that — not a circle!

Obviously this band is much too thick for Mr. Plane’s hand, so the plan is to downsize by about 30%, leaving a much slimmer band but still keeping the angles of the original design. He’ll also be adding a little something special, but you’ll have to wait until next time to find out more!

Did you design your own ring(s)? Was your fiance overly particular about his wedding band?

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