A Very Good Place to Start

The Airplane engagement story is a long-time coming. Mr. Plane had been hinting, joking, and teasing about possible dates and locations since December – he even flat out told me he went shopping, but I didn’t believe him. I definitely did not see this one coming.

Mr. Plane works in hospitality management, and he convinced me that we were travelling up to his hometown in the Saginaw area for a conference and dinner. We’ve been to similar events, and there was a recently renovated country club that fit his story perfectly – again, very similar to past events. So, I put on a dress and off we went.

(There was also the very clever diversion of a coworker that was supposed to travel with us to Saginaw, but cancelled at the last minute. Guess who fell for that one.)

The faux schedule dictated a 2 hour conference and then a group dinner. I decided I would spend the time shopping at the local mall, and so I dropped Mr. Plane off at the club and went on my merry way, failing to notice the nearly empty parking lot and my FMIL parked in the back row.

Here are the texts from MOH D and I from that afternoon:

2012-06-07 20.00.33

Personal photo

Two hours and a manicure later (I swear I had no idea!), I returned to pick up Mr. Plane and we headed to a nearby hotel for dinner. The hotel was located next to a tri-bridge (cleverly called the Tridge) where we spent time during our second date. Since dinner wasn’t for another half hour, I suggested we walk over the Tridge, “for old time’s sake,” which, of course, fell right into Mr. Plane’s plan. Again, definitely missed the very familiar cars in the parking lot…


The magnificent Tridge / Photo from kuriositas

As we got to the center of the Tridge, Mr. Plane stopped and kind of grabbed my elbow. I turned to look at him, confused, until it hit me. Holy crap. This is it!

It went a little something like this:

Mr. Plane: “We didn’t come up here for a conference.”

Miss Plane (smiling huge): “We didn’t?”

Mr. Plane: “Nope, we came up here for something else.”

Miss Plane (literally jumping up and down): “What did we come up here for?!”

Mr. Plane gets down on one knee, pulls ring from pocket. Miss Plane screams, drops to her knees, grabs Mr. Plane’s arm in a death grip so he physically can’t move to put the ring on her finger.

Yeah, I was a little excited. Between the screaming, hugging, and ugly crying, we got the attention of some teenagers that were fishing on the bank of the river and promptly told to get a room.

As I composed myself and we walked off of the Tridge, we were greeted at the bottom by our hiding families. I re-lost it when I saw my mom. I still can’t believe she was able to keep that secret, and she told me later she was so worried she was going to let it slip. We went to dinner at the hotel, blissfully happy in the knowledge that we were finally engaged! Time to plan a wedding!


“Have you seen this rock?! Holy cow!” / Personal photo

Right around the time of the proposal, I was pretty obsessed with the TV show Glee. I was bawling when Will asked Emma to marry him (I actually think this episode aired just a week and a half before my proposal), and for a while it was my favorite proposal “story.”

I think I actually remember saying, “Are you going to walk on water when you propose to me?”

Well, as Mr. Plane likes to say, “I might not be able to walk on water, but I did walk over it.”


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