Where do Airplanes Party?

Answer: in da CLUB. The country club.

Our venue search was fairly short. We decided early on we wanted a country club wedding, since Mr. Plane is in the industry and we both love golfing. Plus, it would be an easy one-stop-shop where we wouldn’t need to provide the food or the alcohol (while this is a great and cost-efficient plan for lots of brides, I felt much more comfortable going “all inclusive”). Once we had a rough guest list and an idea of what we wanted, we started doing our online research.

We looked at a couple places that were nice, but just too small for a 200 person wedding (I just couldn’t imagine all of our guests scrunched onto a 10 x 10 dance floor!). For a while we toyed with the idea of having the reception at the club where Mr. Plane works, but decided that venue would be better suited for other wedding functions (more on that later).

Fox Hills Golf & Banquent Center was, I believe, the third place we visited. I immediately fell in love with all of the windows overlooking the golf course as well as the long corridor leading into the ballroom (I imagined a little forest of white branches and twinkly lights as guests arrived). Most of all, I felt very comfortable here, largely in part due to the event coordinator, Alexis. From the moment I sent in my first inquiry, she was helpful and accommodating, answering even my most idiotic new-bride questions.

et_20110928_1267179494Photo from Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center

Bees, I have a confession to make. I have venue regret. Well, kind of.

My regret stems from the fact that I feel like our venue isn’t unique enough. We dove right in to the country club venue search so quickly after we got engaged, before I really started browsing wedding sites for ideas. I just didn’t know how amazing an industrial loft reception could look, or the charm of a rustic barn wedding (growing up, our barn was used to house the tractor and smelled like raccoon poo). More so… There just isn’t any great wedding photography of our venue for me to ooo and ahh over!

I am determined to change that.

I am really not trying to say that I’m unhappy with our venue — if that were the case, I would have rebooked elsewhere a long time ago. Our venue gets an A+ in the major areas that were important to us: food (definitely more on that later), close proximity to our church, good reputation, and great service. I realize that our venue is not unique, and I’m ok with that (ok, I’m becoming ok with that). Should we have looked at some more non-traditional venues? Probably. Will our wedding be fantastic right where it’s currently scheduled? Hell yes.

So let’s talk more about the things I love about our venue!


Big porch for cocktail hour and yard for lawn games! / Photo from Michigan Golf


Beautiful, welcoming arched brick entry! / Photo from Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center


Man-made nature photo backdrops! / Photo from Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center

So I have made peace with the non-uniqueness of our wedding venue. The elements that we really care about will shine through on a relatively plain backdrop, and that’s the stuff that guests will remember.

How did you choose your venue? Did you experience any venue regret?


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