Dressing the Crew: The Littl’uns

If you’ll remember from a previous post, I have lost my mind and invited 7 young children to be in my wedding (actually, 8 now because we also have a ring bearer — yikes!). I know children at weddings are not for everyone, but I couldn’t get married without these little rascals. And they are so excited.

A few weeks ago my siblings and I travelled to Northern Michigan to celebrate my dad’s birthday. I took the opportunity to go to what I think is the only bridal salon in Petoskey, aptly named Petoskey Bridal. Any Northern Michigan bees, I highly recommend Petoskey Bridal. We worked with Cindy and she was incredible — even though the girls were dancing around the fitting room and making more of a ruckus than was probably appropriate, Cindy was patient and treated them like real people, which was very much appreciated.

One of the first dresses we tried on was by Venus Bridal, style JM4327. They had sizes that fit two of the four girls perfectly and, as you can see, they absolutely loved the dress.

photo 4 (1)

photo 1 (1)

That blur in the background is our consultant, Cindy!

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

My nieces are anything but camera shy. / Photos: Personal

I was constantly reminding them that the dress would be in a different color, since these are girls who love pink!

So…that’s it, right? Wow, that was probably the easiest decision of the whole wedding!


I still needed measurements for three of the girls that weren’t able to go shopping with us that day, two more nieces and Mr. Plane’s younger sister. While I was waiting to get those, Cindy called me and told me that Venus was discontinuing this dress, and that we would have to order by the end of the week if we wanted them. Ok, deep breath, we can do this. We actually had all of the measurements ready to go in time, but then we hit another roadblock: the largest junior bridesmaid dress would not fit the oldest junior bridesmaid.

Cue panic.

Ok, in all honesty, this was not the travesty I might have made it out to be. My original plan was to have three dresses: bridesmaid, junior bridesmaid, and flower girl. I was incredibly happy when we found a style that would work for both junior bridesmaids and flower girls, but really that was Plan B. Time to revert to Plan A and pick out two more dresses.
Since I wasn’t planning on being in Petoskey any time soon, and I really just wanted to get this checked off the list, I put my faith in Cindy, threw a couple ideas her way, and she helped me to decide on two more dresses.

For the junior bridesmaids, the B2 by Jasmine B153013 in platinum.

photo 3
Image via Jasmine Bridal

And for the flower girls, this adorable little dress by Tip Tip Kids, 5572.

photo 2

Image via Tip Top Kids

I apologize that I don’t have anything but stock photos (and really awful quality ones at that — double sorry) for these dresses, but none of my girls were able to try them on due to the time crunch and the fact that we wouldn’t be seeing much of each other until the summer. I haven’t even seen these dresses in person — like I said, I’m putting all of my faith in Cindy’s capable hands.

I’m happy to have these dresses chosen. It’s funny how things have the tendency to come full-circle — originally we were planning on having the younger girls in kind of a ballerina-type outfit, since they are all dancers. I loved the tulle on each of these dresses for that fact exactly! See, it all works out in the end.

Did you have a hard time dressing the children in your wedding? Did you have any Plan Bs that were scrapped in favor of Plan As?


One thought on “Dressing the Crew: The Littl’uns

  1. I remember the flower girl at our wedding. We all wore shorts, even the bride and groom. The only exception was the 3 year old flower girl (you). She wore a beautiful yellow dress and was even more beautiful than the bride (me)! Your dresses are beautiful as are your flower girls and junior bridesmaids.

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