Designing the Rings: Part II

About a week and a half after our initial consult with Chris at C.W. Petersen, Mr. Plane and I returned to his store to check out the molds he had made for Mr. Plane’s ring. He showed us three different wax molds, all with the general shape of the original ring Mr. Plane had liked originally.

(All photos personal.)

photo 2 (2)

Mr. Plane’s choices.

Mr. Plane liked elements of two of the three molds, and Chris told us it would be no problem to make the changes and have a new mold by the end of the week. Now it was my turn.

photo 2 (3)

My molds top and left, Mr. Plane’s on the right. See the row of diamonds on the piece of tape? Those are for my ring!

If you remember from my previous post, in order for Chris to make the mold for my ring, I would need to leave my engagement ring with him for a couple days. My e-ring has a slightly raised edge which I wanted to fit snugly into my wedding band to eliminate any twisting and so they were a fitted set. I knew that I couldn’t go even a couple days without a ring on my finger, or I would constantly feel like something was missing — that’s how used to wearing my ring I have gotten, which I’m sure a lot of you married and engaged bees can relate to.

So I bought a stand in!


No comparison, but I think they are strikingly similar.

For $10 at JC Penny, I found a CZ that I thought looked a lot like my actual ring! The center stone rattled a little, and it was obviously a total fake, but for my purposes, it was perfect.

Wearing the CZ for 3 days wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be. While I missed my ring, no one even noticed the slight change of sparkle on my finger. I actually had to leave my ring a second time with Chris so he could make me a third mold (third time’s the charm, right?).

photo (3)

My wedding band! But…less blue. More bling.

Now comes the hard part — waiting for the final product! I’ll be sure to update you when the rings finally arrive.

Did you ever have to give up your e-ring for an extended amount of time? Anyone else feel compelled to buy a stand-in while they were sans ring?


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