The Flight Plan: Saving the Date

I’ve already mentioned that I am not much of a DIYer. Somehow the image I have in my mind for most projects doesn’t ever come together in real life. The one exception to this rule is anything that I can do on a computer. Glue gun and glitter? No. Keyboard and Publisher? Yes.

So I decided that I would design all of our paper products. We would be saving money and our “vision” would be all over these babies, since they came from my noggin. Once I made this decision, it wasn’t long before I had a rough design for our save the dates.

Fun fact: Mama and Papa Airplane own a printing company — not the small type of a shop that frequently does invitations and other fun, creative projects, but a larger company that prints things like short-run books and full-color ad mailers. While I wouldn’t get much help on the design side (although Mama Plane got plenty of proofs in her inbox), they would be able to professionally print whatever I came up with. More money savings!

For our save the dates I wanted a double-sided card that would showcase two of our gorgeous engagement photos and incorporate an element I fell in love with when I was originally searching for invite/save the date inspiration: the calendar.

So many to choose from! / Screen shot from Etsy search

I also got some inspiration from my own desk — a calendar I had made using Lil Wingman’s baby photos, designed at and printed by Paper Coterie.


What a cute pupper! / Calendar: Paper Coterie, Photo: Personal

Using the same color scheme, I was able to create a very cute striped effect that would be the background for our September calendar. Wanna see the final product?

If you remember the debate as to what Lil Wingman would wear, here he is in his seersucker bow tie!


Hey, I made that sign, by the way. / Image: Personal

The other side provided guests with our wedding website, as well as a note that they would receive a formal invitation later on. The photo was one of the last ones we took during our engagement photo shoot, on top of a parking structure in Ann Arbor.


Not really the web address we used, but you get the idea. / Image: Personal

When Mama Airplane delivered the finished product, I was thrilled with how they turned out. Now for just a few finishing touches.

First, for an effect I’m sure absolutely no one will notice, I bought a corner rounder and cut every single corner (that’s over 400 total corners, yo! Not to mention the ones that I messed up!).

71OIkeaxo7L._SL1500_Martha Steward Crafts Corner Punch, Rounder / Image via Amazon

Next, a heart stamp was stamped around our date on the calendar. I found the perfectly sized stamp at

Heart stamp via, image via Amazon

Then they were placed in some pretty dark grey envelopes ordered from JAM Paper and sealed with a wrap-around address label. I got the idea while browsing a wedding website and thought it gave the printed label a little more elegance.


Business in the front, party in the back. / Image via Martha Stewart Weddings

So over the course of two nights, Mr. Plane and I got to work. I was in charge of the corners, he was in charge of the heart stamp, stuffing the envelopes, and placing the postage. Yes, he was able to do all three of those steps in the time it took me to cut the corners of our cards! It was truly a labor of love. (Truth time: I tried to help with the heart stamp, but I kept messing it up, so Mr. Plane literally did every heart stamp. He man is good with stamps!)

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 1

Production line. / Photos: Personal

I finished them off with the address labels on the third night.

photo 1

And then, off to the post office they went!

photo 2

I’m so excited to have our save the dates out of our house (although that is not entirely true, because Mama Airplane printed us, like, 200 extra that I have no idea what to do with — I can’t bear to just throw them out!). We’ve already heard from a few people that have received them, and it’s so very exciting.

Where did you find save the date inspiration? Does anyone have any ideas as to what I should do with 200 extra save the date cards??

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