Leaving Tracks: A Love That Wasn’t Meant to Be

Bees, I am so sad to report…that I had to return the wedding shoes of my dreams.

Hah! Did I get ya?

Seriously though, I’m majorly bumming. I thought I had found the perfect pair of shoes for my wedding day ensemble, but alas, the story has an unhappy ending — for now, anyway.

I have this list of things that I want to do before I turn 30. One of them is own a designer pair of shoes. I’ve always dreamed of such a ridiculously frivolous purchase as a pair of Manolos or one day having that flash of Christian Louboutin red on the bottom of my soles.


iWant. / Christian Louboutin Angelique in Black / Photo: Neiman Marcus

I knew Mr. Plane wouldn’t allow me a $1,000 line for shoes on the wedding budget, but I figured spending a little bit of my own money on a really awesome pair of shoes wouldn’t hurt.

My initial search was a lengthy one. I wanted something different, something bold, something that would look amazing in wedding photographs! But also something comfortable — if I’m going to spend a few benjies, I want to wear these things all night. I looked for shoes in our wedding colors (yellow and orange), but the colors were too bright. I finally settled on blush pink, and in desperation entered “most comfortable heels” into Google. Somehow I ended up with these:2152044-p-MULTIVIEW

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Lady Dragon IX / Photo: Zappos

Something about them caught my attention. The color was perfect. The blue bow was the cutest little touch (and could act as my “something blue”). They were not insanely expensive (by my standards anyway). And they were made of…plastic?

Yep, that’s right. I don’t know the official terminology  but this is like those jelly shoes that used to be big in the ’80s. They’re making a comeback now, I think, judging from the number of jelly shoes out there on the interwebs right now.


These Crocs Adrina Flats look suspiciously like something I owned when I was 5… / Photo: Crocs

Back to the Vivienne Westwoods… I know these shoes aren’t for everyone (MOH Morticia actually wrote, “You’re joking, right?” when I texted her a photo). They are bright, they are different, some may even say they are cheap looking. I didn’t care. I loved them. They were perfect.

Well, almost.

I normally wear an 8 1/2, so when I saw the bubblegum shoes only came in whole sizes, I took a gamble that the peep-toe would give me the extra room I needed. I ordered an 8 and said a prayer.

No dice — my heel hung just a little too far off the back. But I absolutely loved the shoes, other than their fit, as did Mr. Plane (although he would never admit that to another man on this planet). Back to Zappos went the pair of 8s, and a few days later a pair of 9s arrived.

You can probably guess what happened next. The 9s didn’t fit. Well, I should clarify — one of the 9s fit. I have never had an issue with one shoe fitting better than the other, but that was the case — my left foot fit perfectly, but on my right foot there was a gap between my heel and the back of the shoe, causing slideage and general uncomfortableness. Remember, I needed these babies to last me all night — they needed to fit perfectly.

So certain was I that these were meant to be my shoes that I exchanged the pair for another set of 9s, just in case the first pair was defective. But the fit was the same, and, after convincing my shoe-obsessed soul that these just weren’t the shoes for me, I said my goodbyes, packed the bubblegum shoes back in their bright blue box, and shipped them back to the mothership.

And so we come to the disappointing end of the story — well, part one of the story.

Were you/are you obsessed with your wedding shoes? Do you have your own tale of shoe heartbreak to share?


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