Leaving Tracks: Rebounding and Finding New Love

I apologize if shoes aren’t your thing. And if a two-part shoe saga really isn’t your thing, then maybe you should skip this next part.

But if shoes really are your thing, then stay tuned for shoe porn!

After the disappointment of losing my first shoe love, I rebounded — hard. I ordered three new pairs of shoes hoping to feel that spark again.


Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry, Copertina in New Nude via Zappos


2 Lips Too, Too Sliver Metallic Wedge Flat in Red-Gold via DSW


Something blue! / Madden Girl, Getta Pump in Mint via DSW

But even before they were delivered, I knew none of them were right. So I kept looking. And looking. I kind of wish I knew how many hours I actually spent looking for the perfect pair of shoes. Well, maybe I don’t…

On a lonely Saturday night while Mr. Plane was at work, I flipped on some Saturday Night Live reruns and sat on the couch, listlessly scrolling through page after page of shoes. I discovered websites I didn’t even know existed (did you know Zappos has a separate couture site, aply named Zappos Couture?). I even went so far as to design a pair of shoes at Shoes of Prey after being referred to the site by another bee.

Right around the time I had reached the end of the internet, on the 10th page of the Nordstrom shoe selection… I saw them. And I knew it was over for me.

Wanna see?!


Kate Spade Karolina Bow in Pale Pink via Kate Spade New York

You might be thinking to yourself, “Miss Airplane, these look awfully similar to those shoes you gave up in your last shoe post…” And you would be right: pink color, cute little bow. But the magical difference? These fit!

Even though I planned to order them online, Mr. Plane drove me to three different malls so I could try on what I hoped would be my wedding shoes. When we got to the Kate Spade store at Sommerset Mall, I saw the words that make any shoe lover squeal with joy: 30% off sale!

Safe to say I secured my wedding shoes that day! They were even more perfect in person, and with the sale going on, I wouldn’t have found them cheaper online. Aaaaaaand, I might have bought these ones too…

NMS9463_mxDon’t tell Mr. Plane… / Kate Spade Celeste in Cork/Gold via Kate Spade New York

They didn’t have the pink ones in my size, but found them at another store in St. Louis (phew!). They arrived via UPS a few days later!

And my shoes and I lived happily ever after.

How long did you search for the perfect wedding shoes? Any other Kate Spade brides out there?

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