Accessorizing with Etsy

Once I had my dress and my shoes, it was time to accessorize!

During the not one, not two, but three times I went to try on my dress while I was contemplating the purchase, the consultants at I Do, Too were happy to “jack me up,” as they say, with the outrageously overpriced accessory stash they had in the store.

Back up — I should say they were overpriced for my budget. Yes, I will admit to dropping $300 on a pair of shoes, but I wasn’t able to spend that much (or more) on jewelry or a headpiece for the big day. It was hard to resist — I definitely fell in love with several of the pieces the consultants at I Do, Too showed me. But in the end, they were still above what I was comfortable spending. So, I did what any thrifty bride would do — I turned to Etsy!

First, I found a pair of pink pearl earrings from an Etsy shop called Twisted Silver Design. Because my dress is fairly simple, I wanted to echo that simplicity in my jewelry. These fit the bill perfectly.


Image via Twisted Silver Design on Etsy

The next purchase was not so easy. While at the bridal salon, I frequently admired a hairpiece by Richard Designs. But even with the name of the designer and the product number, I was unable to locate it online, new or used. And at a whopping $205, it definitely wasn’t in the budget to purchase from the salon. I spent some time searching the web for something similar, but nothing combined the softness of the feathers and tulle along with the pink pearls that so perfectly matched my earrings.


All jacked up at the salon. / Personal photo

I had visited a few Etsy shops that were producing fascinators using the same elements that I wanted, so I started sending inquiries asking if the artists would be interested in working on a hairpiece like the one I fell in love with at the bridal salon. I got a couple negative responses before finding Becky from One Percent Inspiration. Her message back to me was enthusiastic and she sounded excited to work on the fascinator from the photo I sent her.

The best part? Becky’s creation would only cost me $50! The finished product was exactly what I was looking for.

photo (6)


Pretty darn close to the original, eh? / Personal photo

Finally, the last piece of the accessories puzzel: the necklace. This is a purchase I have yet to make, because I just can’t decide between two contenders. The first is a simple strand of multi-hued pink pearls.

Image via Faith’s Creative Side on Etsy

The second is more pink pearls, this time several strands wound together.


Image via goodgoodjewelry on Etsy

I really love both necklaces, but I just can’t seem to pull the trigger on either of them. But with all of the money I’ve saved by purchasing on Etsy, maybe I should just get both!

Did you make any wedding accessory purchases on Etsy? Which of two pink pearl necklaces do you think I should go with?


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