Seams Legit

Although I loved the salon where I bought my dress, the one thing they were lacking was an in-house seamstress. I received a referral from them for a seamstress nearby, but when I looked for reviews, I didn’t find many that were overly positive. So I began to search for a seamstress of my own.

I found Gaby’s Perfect Fit Bridal Alterations after a simple Google search for seamstresses in my area. Her reviews were incredibly positive, so as soon as I got my shoes in the mail, I contacted Gaby to see about getting my dress altered.

This past weekend BM Rocket and I went to visit Gaby at her studio in the basement of her house a mere 10 minute drive from the Airplane Hanger (aka our condo). I knew Rocket was also in search of a seamstress for her dress, plus she would need a tutorial for getting me into my dress on the big day, so she tagged along with me to Gaby’s.

The initial appointment was supposed to be a time for Gaby to take a look at my dress, tell me where she would make changes, and give me a quote to consider. I told her that it would likely need some hemming, but that the fit was pretty perfect. I wanted a bustle put in, as well as bra cups, and I wanted to create a sweetheart neckline from the straightness that was currently the neckline of my dress.  Once I had the dress on, Gaby also told me that it would need to be taken in just a bit (woohoo!) then she went to work — with a sharpie and scissors!

I wasn’t really prepared for dress trashing this soon into the appointment, but I just hoped she knew what she was doing. BM Rocket was armed with her camera, and while I can’t show any pictures of the dress, I think my facial expressions say it all!

(Photos courtesy of BM Rocket.)

photo 1

“What’s that you have there? A purple Sharpie? Maybe stay over there with that.”

photo 2

“Aaaand you’re drawing on my dress. Holy cow. Was not prepared for this.”

photo 3

“You’re cutting my dress! My beautiful wedding dress! I’m laughing nervously because I really hope you know what you are doing, but you have scissors very close to my neck and I really don’t want to piss you off right now!”

photo 4

“Don’t cry. It’s just a dress. It’ll be ok. Deep breath.”

photo 5

“Yay, it’s perfect! I was worried for nothing.”

(Apologies for the close-up nudie-looking wild-hair-ness photos. No shame in this bee’s game.)

And I really didn’t have anything to worry about. I knew I wanted a sweetheart neckline, and as soon as Gaby was finished cutting and pinning, I knew I had made the right choice. Perhaps she was a little forward in busting out the scissors right then and there, but she knew what she was doing, and before the appointment was over, I felt completely confident in hiring her as my seamstress. She was laid-back and humorous (she called my boobs my “babies,” as in, “Pick up your babies and put them in the bra cups.” This just tickled me and I was referring to “my babies” the rest of the weekend whenever I had the chance). Plus, her prices were right on target with the budget. Perfection!

Did you have any surprises during your first dress fitting?


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