Plane Food: Let’s Rehearse

As tasty as the food will be at our reception (based on our recent tasting), I’m a little (ok, a lot) more excited for the food at our rehearsal dinner. For the reception, we had a choice of a few dishes, but for the rehearsal, the possibilities are endless! Which is both a gift and a curse…

I’ve mentioned that Mr. Plane works at a country club (hey! Did you hear Mr. Plane works at a country club?!). We considered having the wedding at his club for a hot second, but ultimately decided he’d have more fun if his wedding wasn’t at his place of employment (and I can’t blame him). But, we still wanted to take advantage of the great scenery (and the great deal!) — so we’re going to have the rehearsal dinner there.

Now to decide on the food. The club’s chef, Renee, has pretty much told Mr. Plane that she’ll do whatever we wanted for the rehearsal dinner. And Miss Airplane wants minis!

Food Collage

Minis! / Collage via My Wedding Reception Ideas Blog, sources within link

For a long time (literally since Pinterest has been in existance — those little hamburgers were one of the first things I pinned!), I have been stalking mini foods. Having a mini-dessert bar wasn’t enough — I wanted minis at the rehearsal dinner as well!

Since we determined where the dinner would be held, I’ve been tossing around ideas for minis with Mr. Plane for some of our favorite foods in bite-size versions: mini duck quesadillas, pork belly sliders, arugula salad shooters… It was all figured out.

Then, one day last week, Mr. Plane drops a bomb: “What if we have a barbecue instead?”

I believe my exact words were, “And give up my minis?!

I’ve seen quite a few really snazzy barbecue spreads, and when Miss Blue Whale shared her adorable “I Do BBQ” rehearsal dinner invitations (we all know I love a good play on words), it became a definite possibility. And the adorable inspiration pictures I’ve been finding have done nothing to make this decision any easier.


Adorable. / Image via magpiebride on Wedding by Color

As we weigh the pros and cons, I’m still having a really difficult time deciding.

On the one hand, the barbecue would be more laid back, which feels like it would be more comfortable for our families. We’d have the outside patio, maybe a grill or smoker or something going on. The food would be more substantial and would include lots of meat.

On the other hand, the mini extravaganza would be a more formal tapas-style meal, which is more my and Mr. Plane’s style. The meal would be lighter and more “exotic,” plus it would allow us to cater to the vegetarians (MOH Morticia and myself — even though I eat bacon and the occasional duck dish, I’m mostly meat-free nowadays). But…no fun play on words for the rehearsal dinner invite!

Hive, I need your help. Which rehearsal dinner should we go with? Do we do an amped up barbecue with some additional vegetarian options? Do we incorporate some of the barbecue food into the mini menu? What would you/did you do for your rehearsal dinner?

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