In-Flight A/V: Some No-Brainer Vendors

(Not to be confused with no-brain vendors, that is, vendors that seemingly have no brain… I’d like to think we’ve successfully avoided all of those.)

I’ve already gushed over the work of our incredibly talented photographers at studiOsnap, but I never really mentioned how we came to finding and booking them for our wedding.

It’s actually not a very long story. BM Rocket’s sister is friends with Meghan, the primary photographer and head honcho  of the studiOsnap empire. Since I am also friends with Sister, and since Facebook is such an amazing resource for stalkerish brides-to-be, I was all over that ish. Even before we got engaged I was following studiOsnap on Facebook and obsessing over every photo gallery they uploaded to their website. Some of my favorite inspiration pics…

(All photos courtesy of studiOsnap)







As soon as I had a date, I emailed Meghan…and that was it! I honestly never even considered another photographer, that’s how hard I fell for their pictures.

I suppose that was less of a tale about how we chose our photographer, and more of an excuse for me to post purdy pictures… Anyway, this easy decision ultimately led us to another one of our no-brainer vendors: our videographer!

3rd Hat Productions was originally recommended to us by studiOsnap back when I thought videography was a waste of money and pictures would be enough (Ha! I laugh at the old me). I had, at one point, gotten a sample video and clicked play just to see what all the fuss was about. About five seconds in I was bawling, tearfully exclaiming to Mr. Plane, “I want that for us!”

Here’s a sampling of a 3rd Hat highlight video:

Niki+Eric Wedding Highlights from 3RD HAT Productions on Vimeo.

I love the juxtaposition of the bride and groom beginning their days, and how they captured the look on her face as she walks down the aisle (1:52 — careful, it’s a tear-jerker). I also cannot express enough how amazing I think 3rd Hat’s music selections are and how perfectly they reflect the emotions in the videos. They posted this one right around the time I fell in love with that Ray LaMontagne song used in the second half, so obviously I felt that this was meant to be.

I’m pretty stoked that not only was it super easy to book two very important vendors, but also that the two companies have worked together in the past. This gives me hope that they will mostly stay out of each other’s ways so we don’t end up with a shot of the back of a photog’s head in our wedding video instead of our first kiss…

So there you have it! A tale of two vendors found with minimal effort on my part! And aren’t those the best kind?

Did you have any “no-brainer” vendors?

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