Hey, Mister DJ…

Next to food, music is the second most important element of the Airplane Wedding. So it’s no surprise that it is also one of the largest line items on the Airplane Wedding Budget. But it could have been a lot (a lot) more, if we would have stuck with our original plan…

Working at the club, Mr. Plane has seen his fair share of wedding entertainment, from 12-piece bands to Elvis impersonators (no joke). Within about two days of us getting engaged, Mr. Plane was convinced he knew exactly who we should hire to play at our wedding: the incredibly talented cover band, Your Generation in Concert, featuring Fifty Amp Fuse.

Yes, the orchestra was an option! As was belly dancers…

Booking YGC was the plan for a long time. We would go out to the bar, watch the band play, and chat with the manager about the set list for our wedding. Every time we would see them play, it gave me goosebumps to think about how amazing such a show would be at our wedding.

The first draft of the budget was designed around having YGC as the entertainment for the evening. But (there’s always a but…) the more the budget began to develop and the more things we were forced to give up, the more we began to reconsider hiring such a headliner for our wedding. I remember sitting in the bar, watching the band do their thing, and really working out how much we were going to be paying — and the reality of how little they would actually be playing. I figured it out at one point, and between short breaks and intermissions, we would have been paying for less than 2 hours of total band time, not to mention I would have had to figure out a plan for music during the breaks and after the band had packed up (their entire set, including breaks, would only get us about halfway through the reception).

Eventually Mr. Plane and I faced the facts, and realized we had to figure out a Plan B. Unfortunately, Mr. Plane hadn’t seen very many good DJs at the club, but we we determined to find someone who would be just as entertaining as YGC would be — well, as close as we could get.

We did some research, read reviews, and sent some inquiring emails. The most prompt response came from the Panache Group in the form of a phone call minutes after I sent the email (on a Saturday, no less). The representative that I spoke with, Lauren, was very informative and answered all of my initial questions. She told me that the owner of the company, Zac, was available on our date, and asked if we’d like to schedule a phone call with him the following Monday. I was already very impressed with the professionalism and promptness of Panache, and told Lauren we’d love to speak with Zac.

[Side note: I will not name names, but I honestly could not believe some of the responses I received from a couple of the DJ companies I contacted — emails riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, and some with really gaudy fonts and graphics. To all those vendors out there, I cannot stress the importance of professionalism from the get-go!]


Doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty easy on the eyes (careful, ladies, he’s taken). / Image via DJ Zac Daniels profile on Soundcloud

Before our scheduled phone call I created a list of questions for Zac, knowing full well that it would be difficult to impress us since we had been so set on a band since the start of all the planning. But if we were going with a DJ, we wanted the best, and hoped that Zac could deliver.

As soon as we got on the phone with him that Monday, I knew we had found our DJ. Zac’s personality was very laid back, which is exactly what we wanted. His credentials were solid and he answered all of our questions well — mostly we were looking for someone who was more than an “iPod DJ” (someone who could actually spin and mix) that understood how important it was to play to the crowd. He even suggested his own remix of Mambo Italiano, perfect for my big Italian family! Mama Plane will definitely get a kick out of that one.

Or how about a Golden Girl’s remix?

Did I mention DJ Zac comes at one-fifth the price of YGC?

Even though we won’t be getting the big band experience we had once hoped for, the Airplanes are super excited for our hired musical talent. Time to start working on those must play/do not play lists!

Did you choose a band or a DJ (or something else) for your wedding? What’s on your must play/do not play lists?


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