Here is the Church and Here is the Steeple…

…open the doors and see… really unfortunately colored carpet.

Hive, I’m having a church decorating dilemma. First, some back-story about the place where we will be wed…

Mr. Plane and I really love our church community, and we had no doubt that we wanted to be married at our “home” church. We’ve been members of Trinity Presbyterian going on two years now, and we enjoy going to Sunday service, volunteering, and participating in different events the church puts on. The congregation is made up of a lot of young couples and families, which is why I think we like it so much. Additionally, our pastor is very “hip” — he used the meme phrase “ain’t nobody got time for that” in his last sermon, which I found exceptionally hilarious.

We attend the “contemporary” service on Sundays, which is held in the church’s large multifunction area. If I’m being honest, it’s pretty much a gymnasium with a stage — which is fine. The church made the decision a few years ago that they wanted to put money into a space that had multiple uses instead of just a secondary area for worship. I remember during our first visit to Trinity I nervously asked our friends, who have been members for a few years, if this is where they performed weddings. Spoiler alert: the Airplanes will not be getting married in a gym. Phew.

At the other end of the church there is a traditional sanctuary, which is smaller and where the earlier Sunday service is held each week. There are beautiful stained glass windows and a lot of brickwork. There is also really green carpet and lots of maroon chairs. Here’s a photo to give you an idea…


Personal photo

I have no idea what to do with this space. I feel really bad saying negative things about a church, so let’s just say it’s not the church I dreamed I would be getting married in. That looked more like this:


Deep sigh… / Photo via

I know that what happens inside of the church is much more important than the color of the carpet or the chairs. I know I shouldn’t care this much. But I still feel like I need to do something to tone down the contrasting colors of the sanctuary (by the way, neither red nor green are being featured in our wedding pallet). I’ve never been much for aisle runners or pew decorations (which works in this case, since we don’t actually have pews to decorate), and the real kicker: I don’t have a huge budget for ceremony space decoration.

Some options I do like…

Flower petals


Yeah, probably not this elaborate. / Photo by Sedona Bride via Events by Show Stoppers


Yes, that’s much more like it. / Photo via

Candles (flameless, because the last thing I need on my wedding day is for the church to burn down)

Wedding aisle candles

Branches: another thrifty possibility. / Photo via



Photo via Weddingwire

Twinkly lights & tulle


Photo via Lionscrest Manor

Baby’s breath


Photo by Leigh Miller via Inspired by This

The last two options are my favorite. I don’t want to be adding a whole lot more color into the mix, so some whites and ivories are probably my best bet. There is a slight chance that the church will be redecorating the sanctuary between now and September, but I’d like to have a plan in place in case that doesn’t end up happening.

Worst comes to worst, I’ll just make sure the photographers only take close-ups of people and avoid the carpet and chairs at all costs… That’s a reasonable request, right?

Did you have a less than dream-worthy ceremony site? Any ideas on how I can improve our space on a budget?


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