It’s a Love Story

In addition to a day’s worth of video coverage of our wedding day, we are also doing something a little different with our videographers at 3rd Hat. Prior to the wedding (in about 3 weeks, actually), we’re going to be filming a love story video.

Never heard of it? Me neither. Apparently it is like an interview with the bride and groom talking about how they met, how they fell in love, first kiss, first “I love you”s, engagement story, etc. When I started looking them up online, I found that it is kind of like an e-pic session, but on film.

Here, see for yourself:

Emily & Sean’s NJ Wedding Love Story Video – by from Abella Studios on Vimeo

Adorable, right?

We’ve scheduled a Sunday in mid-May to shoot the Love Story video, and I’m getting excited and also a little nervous. How will I look on video? Does the camera really add ten pounds? I have to go shopping for another outfit (oh, darn…)?

We also need to scope out some locations for filming (don’t I sound so film industry right now?), which should be easy because we will be filming in one of our favorite cities in Michigan, downtown Detroit. I know Detroit gets a bad rep nationally, but to us Michiganders, it is a mecca of arts, eats, and culture. We had originally considered Detroit for our e-pics, but opted for the city where we met and fell in love, Ann Arbor, instead. While I don’t regret this decision, I’ve always wondered what our pictures would have looked like had we gone the Detroit route. Remember Miss Lemur’s amazing e-pics in the D? So gorg!

If the weather cooperates, I’m thinking some “urban jungle”-type shots along Detroit’s river walk…


See, Detroit can be pretty. / Photo via Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

…or maybe in front of our favorite baseball stadium, Comerica Park…


Rawr! / Photo via Bleacher Report

…or perhaps the lovely fountains at Belle Isle…


Might need to rent a boat for this shot… / Photo by River North Photography via NY Daily News

Lots of options. I’m really looking forward to see how this process plays out and to get my first taste of “movie stardom.” I’m ready for my closeup!

Have you ever heard of a love story video? Would you consider doing one in addition to (or in place of) engagement photos?


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