Landing Page: Our Wedding Website

It came as no surprise to many of our friends and family that I had a URL secured and a wedding website built less than two days after Mr. Plane popped the question. While I don’t consider my page to be anything extravagant, or even overly original, I wanted a space that we could direct our guests to that would contain pertinent information without being too complicated to navigate. If you’re looking to do something similar, here’s a preview of what I did.

(All images screenshotted by yours truly — some photos by studiOsnap, others personal)

First up, the homepage (please excuse the blackouts).

homeOur URL was simple: Mr.PlaneFirstNameAndMissAirplaneFirstName’ I used WordPress to create the site with the help of the theme Forever by Automattic. Again — super simple, clean, bright. Exactly what I wanted. Along the top you can see the menu of options for guests to choose from. Under our photo is kind of a highlight of what visitors might need at first glance.

2Below the fold, as they say, is a quick thank you to your family and friends as well as a cute little countdown ticker I got from The Knot.

Next up is our FAQ section.


The purpose of the section is to answer any questions I guessed would be frequent ones: “Where will it be?” “What should I wear?” “Will there be anything to eat?” “When should I RSVP by?” Mama Plane was a little hesitant about me posting the questions about the “dress code,” but I think I worded the answers politely enough that no one should be offended in any way.

We did a photo section that has a drop-down for a few different categories of photos…


And sections for our registries and song requests…



The logistics page told everyone where they needed to be (with clickable map links that I hope will be helpful)…


And finally, a guestbook for visitors to leave messages and well-wishes. If I’m ever feeling a little down, I come here and read the notes from our family and friends. We are truly surrounded by love.


And there you have it! I plan on adding to and changing the site as necessary, but as I said, I did not want to even attempt a complicated site with all the bells and whistles (to those of you that can build those types of websites in your sleep, my hat goes off to you — what little I know about HTML could fit on a fortune cookie paper). For us, simple was definitely the way to go. I hope our guests appreciate the effort and visit often!

Did you build a wedding website? Do you think your guests found it helpful?

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