Smarty Planes

I have to apologize for the sparseness of Airplane posts over the last couple weeks, but I promise I had a good reason.

As of Friday, I officially completed my master’s program in Higher Education Administration at the University of Michigan!

Happy dance!

Image via Funny or Die

For the past three years I have been working on getting my master’s part time while working full time (and planning a wedding part of the time as well). It was not easy and rarely fun, but I did it and I’m pretty gosh darn proud of myself. Graduation isn’t until this weekend, but I’ve got my grad garb and am ready to go!

photo (7)


Heyyyy, Graduate! / Personal photo courtesy of Mr. Plane.

I’m so proud to be joining the ranks of bees like Miss Lemur and Mrs. Coach — being able to announce my graduation and share my excitement with the hive makes it that much sweeter!

Now that school is finally out of the way, it opens up all of this free time, which I am obviously already busy filling with wedding-related stuff. Time to put my DIY pants on and get to work!

Did you celebrate any big milestones on the year of your wedding?


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