Our Chairs Have Flair

I’m really excited about our chair covers (which sounds like such a weird thing to be excited about…) because they are, well, pretty awesome.

Even though I am still stressing over the chairs in our ceremony space, the chairs at the reception will be pimped out. Chair covers are a necessary evil in most cases — I don’t think I will ever understand why banquet chairs are so gosh darn ugly. Our venue is no exception, so I knew I would need to get on the chair cover train immediately.

I wasn’t totally enamored by the standard issue chair cover and sash, and lord knows chivari chairs weren’t in the budget, so I set out looking for something a little different, which is how I found Luxe Event Linen and their flair chair covers.

Affordable-Elegance-1The photo that made me fall in love with flair chair covers. / Image via Luxe Event Linen

The flair chair cover is a spandex-type fabric that stretches over the ugly banquet chairs and gives them a rouched look.


Image via Luxe Event Linen

We decided on the white flair chair cover to go with our white linens — yep, white linens on the tables. When Mr. Plane and I went to Luxe to sign a contract and put down a deposit, we looked at a lot (a lotof different linen options, but couldn’t agree on anything. What we could agree on, however, was the cost-savings of just using white linens. The tables will be a blank canvas and the money we save will go toward some awesome table decorations (more on that soon).

I absolutely love that we are going with something a tad unique that I think will give our simple table linens the perfect added pop.

Any other flair chair cover brides out there? Anyone else go with all white linens?

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