I Need a New Face

I might have mentioned that I graduated with my master’s this past weekend. One thing I wasn’t expecting was the generosity of my family and all the presents I got at dinner following the ceremony, including a certificate for a massage from Mr. Plane and a new Coach bag from Mama Plane.

Mama Plane was given the task of documenting the night with my camera, and reviewing the photos made me realize how many weird faces I make when I am overly excited and enthusiastic. See for yourself!

(All photos personal unless otherwise noted and presented without comment as to be fully judged solely on the ridiculousness of my facial expressions.)






[Side note: this last one is definitely a slightly less exaggerated emulation of LOL Guy:


Image via Know Your Meme

Please tell me I’m not the only one that sees it.]

This got me thinking: is this how my shower photos are going to turn out? What about  my wedding photos?! Am I going to need to rein it in when I have photographers all around during these upcoming events? I’m not so much worried about posed photos (our engagement shoot proved that I am able to have a normal face when someone tells me to smile), but these candid shots might make for some very interesting recaps down the road…

The thing is, I like for people to know that I am super happy/excited/thrilled/ecstatic to see them/for the gift they have given us/over their new haircut. I don’t like to hold back because, to me, filtering makes it feel fake. It might make for some humorous photos, but this is pure, raw emotion, people. And I want to remember it that way, meme faces and all.

Do you feel the need to “rein it in” emotionally on your wedding day? Did you have any “special” facial expressions in some of your wedding photos?


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