The Unavoidable Theme

I was not the type of bride that knew immediately what type of a theme our wedding would have. Truthfully, I didn’t really want to “peg” a theme on my wedding — wasn’t the theme “our wedding”?

Maybe it is the connotation of “theme” that gets me. I feel like once I announce a theme, anything I do that might go against the theme will just feel out of place. At the same time, I don’t want the theme to completely overwhelm the wedding to the point where it becomes all about the theme and less about us getting married… Does that make any sense at all?

But, try as I might, as things started to evolve and decisions started to be made, a theme began to emerge. Before I start getting into the nitty gritty details, it will make a lot more sense  if I share our theme — or whatever you want to call it.

So, fine. We have a theme — a theme that doesn’t define our wedding, but that will enhance the overall wedding experience and tie together a number of the details I’ll be sharing in the upcoming weeks. Without further ado, I present our theme:

Come fly with me: a trip to wine country.

Before you can ask, no, we aren’t getting married in wine country. We’re not getting married at a vineyard or in a wine cellar. In fact, most of the details focus more on the travel aspect than on the wine aspect. But Mr. Plane is a borderline wine snob with access to an unlimited number of wine corks — it was kind of a given that we’d utilize wine and wine corks in some way. And don’t forget our jeroboam guest book!

I’ll admit, as soon as I was announced on the ‘bee as Miss Airplane, I embraced it. Everything I saw with an airplane on it got pinned or favorite-ed, and soon the jetsetter elements just started incorporating themselves into the details we were deciding to include in the wedding. So there is the other half of it.

While it kind of feels like two themes mashed together, anyone that knows us as a couple knows wine and travel are two aspects of our lives that we love to share with each other, and wanted to incorporate some of those memories into the details of our big day.

And just in case you slogged through all of those words looking for some inspiration pictures, here they are!


Photo by Caroline Tran via Adrian & Jana Photography


Photo by Kate Sears via Martha Stewart Weddings


Photo by Erin Johnson via Inspired by This


Photo by Emily Faulknor via Oh Lovely Day


Photo by Catie Ronquillo via Pretty My Party

So there you have it! The Airplanes have a theme. Maybe it’s not the most unique or original, but it is uniquely us, and that’s what I care about most. Now maybe the detail elements in upcoming posts won’t seem so disjointed.

Were you reluctant to dub your wedding with a theme?


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