Shake It

I don’t know why, but I have always been a little wary of the clinking of the fork against the glass at a wedding to signal that the bride and groom should kiss. Maybe the concern is that the drunk people at my wedding will be a little too zealous with their clinking and break some glasses.

Oh, Leo, you’d never bust any glasses at my wedding. / Great Gatsby gif via Tumblr

Or maybe it stems from my inexplicable fear of being sung “Happy Birthday” in a crowded restaurant (kind of similar, right?).

Emperor’s New Groove gif via Tumblr

Either way, I was looking for an alternative to the whole clinking glass thing. I thought about bells, or having people request songs with the word “kiss” in the title. And then I remembered Mrs. Castle’s great post about her wedding details. One of her DIYs was the Tic Tac maracas, as I have lovingly dubbed them.


Photo by Mrs. Castle

I edited her little poem slightly, but I love, love, love this idea! I whipped up a little template in Pages for Mac, printed on some label stock, and that was it!

photo 2


Personal photos, sorry for the blockage

The yellow at the top maybe needs some adjusting, but this was a nice quick project that even a destroy-it-yourself-er like me couldn’t screw up.

I know this will not completely eliminate the desire for our guests to clink their glasses (I’m looking at you, aunts!), but hopefully we will hear more of the Tic Tac maracas than shattering champagne flutes on the big day.

Do you share my fear of shattered glass? Any other fun alternatives brides have come up with in the past?


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