Daddy’s Girl

Dad and daughter relationships have always made me slightly emotional. Whether in a movie, a book, heck, even a TV commercial, there is no doubt that I will get a little misty eyed. (Mrs. Armadillo’s recent post about her dad walking her down the aisle? Pass the tissues, stat!)

The worst emo attacks come from songs. I was super into country music growing up, and this one always got me.

Knowing this, and knowing how chock full of emotion my wedding day will be, I decided not to risk it and to go a little more  upbeat with a song by Jay and the Americans called “Cara Mia.” Take a listen.

It’s a good sign that I am smiling right now and not crying!

A little back story… Growing up, my parents and I would trek up to Northern Michigan almost every weekend to our lake house outside of Petoskey. During the drive home on Sunday nights, we’d always listen to an oldies radio program, which was a welcomed change to the classical music or talk radio normally blaring from the speakers. Any time “Cara Mia” came on, we cranked up the volume and the whole family sang along, my dad being the loudest of all of us.

I made the executive decision early on that, once Mr. Plane and I did our first dance (more on that later), the dance floor would be opened up to everyone and we wouldn’t interrupt the party with other special dances. So instead of halting everything so Papa Plane and I can bust a move, my plan is to have DJ Zac announce the song dedication and for Papa Plane to join me on the dance floor. Maybe the dance floor will clear and we’ll be the center of attention, but I would much more prefer if our family was surrounding us while he and I dance to this special song.

While the lyrics don’t quite match the traditional father/daughter dance tune, I am much happier using a song that means something to both of us and will remind us of quality family time spent while I was growing up. Oh, did I mention this is going to be a surprise? Yeah, kind of can’t wait to see his face.

Did you choose an upbeat song for an emotional part of your wedding day?

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