The Flower Hour

(Warning: flower photo-heavy post!)

Last week during my lunch break Mr. Plane picked me up from work and we went to visit our florist to finally hammer out the details of our wedding day flowers. I’ve mentioned how much lurve our florist, Tom Thompson, but I haven’t shared much of our flower inspiration yet.

The reason I haven’t talked much about flowers is that, up until our visit with Tom Thompson, I really had no idea what I wanted our “floral vision” to be. I spent a nice chunk of time on Pinterest the night before the visit and found some beauties.


Photography: Onelove Photography, Floral Design: Arjan Flowers and Herbs, Image via Style Me Pretty


Photography: Closer to Love Photography, Floral Design: Bella Bloom Floral, Image via Wedding Chicks


Photography: Dara Blakeley Photography, Floral Design: Dogwood Tree Floral Designs, Image via The Knot


Photography: Kaitie Bryant Photography,Photography: Texture Photo,Floral Design: Details of the Gardens, Image via Style  Me Pretty

Mr. Plane, on the other hand, has had his floral vision on lock since we got engaged. Yes, you read that right: Mr. Plane, the only man on the planet that cares what flowers he wears on his chest.

And what flower does Mr. Plane want in his boutineer more than anything else in the entire wedding? A flashy, humongous, tropical Bird of Paradise.


You know, just the biggest flower EVER. / Image via Bay Hill Florist

It’s a very pretty flower, and would look wonderful in any tropical wedding. But in our little Midwest shindig in the fall? Nuh-uh.

The BoP has sparked many interesting arguments conversations about wedding flowers, most of which I couldn’t really compete with because, like I said, I didn’t really have a vision when it came to flowers, so I had nothing I was really passionate about to fight back with. Mr. Plane, on the other hand? Wanted his Bird.

We headed to the florist, inspiration in hand, to meet with Pam, our rep at Tom Thompson. Pam was incredibly patient with us as we discussed my lack of vision and Mr. Plane’s singular request. Much to his chagrin, even Pam questioned the Bird of Paradise. But Mr. Plane was not budging. I have to give the guy credit: he knows what he wants and he’s not willing to let anyone change his mind.

I’m happy to report that we were able to reach a compromise with the Bird.


The inspiration. / Image via Libby’s Flower Shop

Our colors do include orange, so really this wasn’t a huge stretch. And if it makes Mr. Plane happy, I can deal with a couple bird “feathers” in his boutineer.

I have officially conceded my loss in the Great Flower Battle of 2013.

[Slow clap for Mr. Plane.]

In addition to a little BoP, the boutineers will also have some oncidium orchids…


Image via Summit Mountain Weddings

…and some freeshia.


Image via teleflora

As for the bouquets, you probably picked out a couple similarities in the inspiration photos. For my girls and me, we determined our bouquets would be a mix of pale yellows and ivories, with a little blush pink to bring out the pink hues in my dress. Bring on the hydrangea…


Image via Import Flowers

…and garden roses!


Image via Whole Blossoms

And finally, for the youngest ladies of the bunch, I’m so excited for their little yellow daisy bouquets!


Photo by Kim Meserve Photography, via The Knot

Considering a month ago I had no idea what types of flowers I wanted, I’m happy to have this checked off of our list. I trust the florists at Tom Thompson to handle all of the details and bring all of the elements together to create a cohesive look…even if I can’t do so in my own head.

Now I’m dying to know: did anyone else deal with a fiance that was as adamant about flowers as Mr. Plane was?!


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