Stops and Starts

I believe it was the great Miss Road Trip that once said, “One of the benefits of a long engagement is the ability to spread out some of those DIY projects that, otherwise, have the potential to stress a bride out.”

I’d like to slightly modify that statement with my own personal experience with DIY projects.

One of the problems of a long engagement is the false sense of security that you have all of this time to finish some of those DIY projects that will, undoubtedly, give you great balls of fiery wedding stress.

Unlike Miss Road Trip, who I give mad props to for all of her DIY prowess, my DIY is normally of the destroy-it-yourself nature. What’s worse is that, when I am working on DIY projects I get quickly distracted by — hey, look at that squirrel!

I’ve been trying to sit still long enough to finish a project worthy of an entire post, but woe is me, I only have bits and pieces of wedding projects that are slowly but surely getting finished around the Airplane Hangar.

photo 1

Exhibit A: DIY centerpiece shopping at IKEA. / Personal photo

I consider this a win, as I finally went and bought out the entire stock of my local IKEA’s 3-piece cylinder vase set before anyone else got their hands on them. But did I do anything more in terms of staging a pseudo table with all of the elements so I could officially check this off of the list? Hell to the no. Those babies went straight into the closet and I watched some reruns of I Found the Gown.

photo 2

Exhibit B: total DIY invitation anarchy. / Personal photo

I don’t even want to talk about these. They make me hyperventilate. Someday I’ll tell you about my invitations, but right now looking at this photo makes me want to cry.

And if you’ll look to the corner of the table there? Ah yes, yet another DIY project that I have high hopes for.

photo 3

 Can I go from this… / Personal photo


…to this? Maybe if I’m lucky. / Image via Frugal Ain’t Cheap

Yep, that bag of empty oatmeal containers has big dreams of becoming my church decorations. So why can’t I just pull the trigger and finish them?!

I’m sorry this is not more of a comprehensive post with a beginning, middle, and awesome-finished-product end. But this is real life — the stops and starts of multiple projects that either get me so frustrated that I develop heart palpitations, or don’t hold my attention longer than an episode of Bridezillas.

I’m hoping to really work on cranking out some of these projects so I will have something blog-worthy to brag about show you guys. Until then, tell me… Did you stutter-step with some of your wedding projects? Anyone have any tips on how to buckle down and just get s**t done?


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