Having a [Hair] Ball

A woman’s relationship with her hairstylist is a special one. Not only are you trusting them to make you presentable to the world, but, in many cases, you’re trusting them for their opinion, their knowledge, and their ability to keep a secret you would only spill while sitting in that salon chair.

Finding a hairstylist and developing a long-term relationship with that person is a beautiful thing.

My stylist, Emmy, and I met when she was still a student at the local Aveda Institute in Ann Arbor. We like to say it was kismet — I didn’t normally get my hair cut during the day, but an incredibly busy schedule had me running in during my lunch hour one day. And while Emmy normally worked days, she was working her last afternoon shift before switching to nights — a time that was normally more preferable for me anyway.


Emmy and me during her Aveda days. / Personal Photo

That was about 4 years ago, and Emmy has been my primary stylist ever since. She graduated from Aveda and got a job at a local salon, where I followed her and where she did my hair and makeup for my engagement photos. Since leaving that salon for a place closer to her home (which is about an hour away from me), she has come to my house on multiple occasions to give me a trim and an Emmy fix (I’m lucky that she still has many friends in Ann Arbor so she is in my area a lot!). She has even been gracious enough to fix other stylists’ mistakes when I have been foolish enough to try someone new — I hope she knows how embarrassing that little episode was!

There was no question in my mind that Emmy would be the one doing my hair on my wedding day. Not only do I trust her with anything having to do with hair, makeup, or beauty in general, but she is just a total joy to be around. She’s always laughing, making jokes, and being a kook — I know this will be very welcome on my wedding day when nerves and emotions are high.

Now that you’ve met my stylist, let me share some of my hair inspiration!

If you’ll remember, I am wearing a feathery hair comb in lieu of a veil. My intention is to stick that baby in the side of an up-do, something a little like this:

Or this:


Photo by Joielala Photographie for Exquisite Weddings Magazine via Engaged and Inspired

Or bump it up a bit, like this:


Photo by Elizabeth Messina on Kiss The Groom via Lover.ly

I know I want to do a full up-do, one that is a little messy, a little glam, a lot awesome. Most of the time I come to Emmy without a clue as to what I’m looking to do with my hair, and she always gets it right — that’s the kind of trust you can only find in a hairdresser! I’m looking forward to scheduling my hair trial with Emmy soon — I know she’ll take all of this inspiration and turn it into magic on my noggin!

Do you have a long-term relationship with your hairdresser? Did you have your “everyday” stylist do your wedding-day hair?

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