Asking the Boy: A Ring Bearer Tale

I’ve talked a bit about all of the young ladies in the Airplane bridal party, but I definitely did not want to fail to mention the little dude that will be walking down the aisle as well!

Our ring bearer, A, is BM Spring’s stepson. As we have gotten to know him over the last few years, we knew we would not be able to celebrate properly without him!

I found a cute shirt on Amazon that said “Ring Dude” and knew immediately it would be perfect. I wrapped it up for A and sent it to his house with BM Spring. Here is the photo I got a little while later:

photo 1

I think he likes it! / Personal Photo c/o BM Spring

When A was asked if he wanted to be in the wedding, he was super excited (hence the above photo). Apparently he was in a wedding last year and he was a dancing machine, but, according to him, he has since retired from dancing! Well, A, I think I know of a few little girls that will be very disappointed if that is the case, so I hope you come out of retirement by September!

We’re so excited to have this little dude (as well as BM Spring!) there to celebrate with us.

Now it’s time to scour Etsy for a sign/box/banner/other for this ring dude to carry down the aisle!

Did you have a “ring dude”? And seriously, is this kid not the cutest?!

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