Dressing the Crew: Dudes’ Duds and an Update

A totally unexpected thing happened last weekend. On our way home from my shower, Mr. Plane was kind enough to stop by the outlet malls so we could look at suits for the guys. And guess what? We bought all 4 guys’ suits! Major check!

The Airplanes (and all the groomsmen) agreed a long time ago that we would ideally like to purchase suits rather than rent them. Suit rental is not as common around here as tux rental, and we were having a difficult time finding what we wanted in rental form. Additionally, we had the time to wait for a sale in order to make suit purchasing advantageous for all of the guys.

When we arrived at the huge shopping center, I quickly pulled up a store directory on my phone. I recognized the name Van Husen as a suit brand that I had seen before and suggested we try there first.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Now, I know these are not the most fancy, expensive, name-branded suits. But Mr. Plane absolutely loved them and they definitely fit into the budget. Here’s what he picked:

photo 1

Personal photo

This is their classic-cut 2-piece suit in a grey sharkskin. I couldn’t find the exact suit online, but here is something similar.

Not pictured above but also purchased were the white french cuff dress shirts that the guys will wear underneath.

photo 2

Personal photo.

The following day Mr. Plane found some ties he liked and ordered those, too. He chose yellow for the groomsmen and orange for himself (to match his Bird of Paradise boutineer, obvi).


Checked Out Skinny Tie in Yellow and Orange via The Tie Bar

The total cost for each guy will be under $200, roughly the cost of a tux rental, and they will get to keep everything they purchased, which is a pretty good deal, if you ask me.

I can’t convey the relief I feel to have the suits checked off the list. While I had no doubt Mr. Plane would come through with the perfect suit at a great price, I was getting a little nervous as we are quickly approaching the 3-month mark.

I also wanted to give a quick update on the dresses for the junior bridesmaids and flower girls — they have all arrived and after the shower, we had a little fashion show!


Missing Junior B’maid T in this photo — can’t wait to have them all together! / Personal photo

A couple of the dresses need some minor tailoring, but luckily they all fit pretty well! All of the girls were ecstatic to try on their dresses, and they will all look beautiful walking down the aisle in September.

And extra apologies to Mama Plane for the trail of glitter these dresses left across her house…

Did your dudes rent or buy their garb for the wedding? Anyone have any tips on getting glitter off of…everything?


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