Mr. Plane Goes Sole Searching

A while back I talked about my extensive search for the perfect wedding shoes. Don’t worry, I haven’t changed my mind — I’m still super excited about my Kate Spade heels! But now it’s Mr. Plane’s turn to find his perfect wedding shoes…

I’m sure some grooms don’t care what they wear on their feet. Some rent shoes with their tuxes, some wear dress shoes they already own, and some just go along with whatever the bride tells them. Not Mr. Plane. He had his perfect shoes picked out for a long time. They looked like this:


Cole Haan Air Monroe Penny Reflective / Image via Zappos

I’m positive a little explanation is in order. Orange is Mr. Plane’s favorite color. Originally, our wedding colors were grey, yellow, and orange. But as the wedding planning moved forward, I was drawn more toward different shades of grey and yellow, and not a whole lot of orange. Mr. Plane, determined to keep the orange dream alive, took it upon himself to not only insist on the damn Bird of Paradise boutineer, but also find the most show-stoppingly bright shoes he could.

But much like my shoe search, this story does not have an immediately happy ending. When we went to the Cole Haan store so he could actually try the shoes on before purchasing them, Mr. Plane found that the shoes were too narrow for his feet and were supremely uncomfortable.

Sad trombone.

He was bummed, but determined. He tried on a couple more pairs of shoes and dubed the Bergen Moc Oxfords as a contender for his wedding shoes.


Cole Haan Bergen Moc Oxford / Image via Zappos

Orange you glad they aren’t orange?! (Look, I warned you about the horrible puns at the beginning. This is par for the course, people.)

Still some orange, but much less garish. Mr. Plane said these were incredibly comfortable, and I really liked them as well. Not your average wedding shoe, but totally Mr. Plane.

But he wasn’t totally convinced. So we went to a couple more stores, including a stop at Allen Edmonds. The pro shop at the club carries this brand, so Mr. Plane already had his eyes on a very special custom pair of loafers.


Allen Edmonds Doubleday White Baseball Leather Casual Loafer / Image via Allen Edmonds

There are a couple cool things about these shoes. Firstly, Mr. Plane played baseball all through high school and on different teams and leagues as an adult. He loves the sport and we go to lots and lots of Detroit Tigers games in the warm-weather months. Finally, there is a really, really special gift we are planning for each of the groomsmen that involves baseballs, and these shoes go with them so perfectly I can’t even stand it.

I told Mr. Plane the baseball shoes were my top pick, but that it was up to him. What did he decide?

He got both.

Yes, folks, Mr. Plane is a two-shoe groom. Or would that be four shoes? Two pairs, four shoes, however you want to put it, Mr. Plane has as many shoe changes as I do! I don’t know why this is surprising — the man packs double for any trip we take because he “likes to have options.” So, options it is.

I always knew Mr. Plane would not have typical shoes on our wedding day, because Mr. Plane is not your typical groom. He likes to be unique, and I love him for that. I’m so happy that he is excited about his wedding day ensemble.

Was your groom overly concerned about his wedding shoes?

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