What to do with the Dog?

Normally when we go out of town and aren’t able to bring Lil Wingman with us, we find a friend or family member for him to stay with to make sure he stays out of trouble. This is proving to be an issue on the day of the wedding, since all of our closest friends and family will be celebrating with us and unavailable to puppy-sit.

Mama and Papa Plane will be hosting Lil Wingman while we are on our honeymoon, but we definitely needed a plan for him on the night before as well as the day and night of the wedding.

I started researching boarding facilities near the wedding venue and the hotel, as I figured it would be easiest for drop-off and pick-up if he was nice and close. I did some research and narrowed down my options based on the following criteria:

(Warning: gratuitous doggie photos ahead — all personal.)

Sunday pick-up available: Because Mama and Papa Plane will be home Sunday night, there is no reason to pay for an extra night of boarding if Lil Wingman can be picked up the day after the wedding. This also works because we will be able to see him on Sunday and say goodbye before we leave for the honeymoon.

photo 5

“I don’t always ride in the car, but when I do, I require a chauffeur.”

Ample play time: Lil Wingman loves to play with other dogs. We take him to the dog park all the time and he gets along really well with most canines. In the case of finding a boarding facility, I wanted to ensure that he wasn’t going to be sitting in a kennel all day without being able to interact with the other “guests.” A caveat to this is that the facility must also require every dog that is allowed play time to pass a behavioral assessment — I know my dog plays well with others, but I want to make sure the new friends he’s making play nice, too.

BeFunky_photo 4.jpg

Lil Wingman and MOH Morticia’s pup: best friends forever.

Good reviews: So much of how we plan weddings these days is based on online reviews. Finding a hotel for Lil Wingman was no different. While I understand that customer reviews aren’t always the gospel truth, it’s a good place to start when I don’t have anyone local that can recommend a boarding facility.


A studious pup always does his research.

Webcams: I don’t plan on spending the hours leading up to my wedding watching the dog on a webcam, but I do like the assurance that comes with a facility that is under surveillance — I highly doubt any of the staff would try anything funny knowing that Big Brother is watching.


“Your technologies. They is fascinating.”

CLEAN and FRIENDLY: This one took the most time, and is a combination of calling a few locations to ask some questions and going in for a tour or two. Customer service and cleanliness — the pillars of success in any doggie hotel.

photo 3

Lil Wingman isn’t so great at housework. Or laundry.

I’ve done my research and set up a couple tours. There is definitely a front-runner that I am really hoping works out, but we won’t know until our visit at the end of the month. Keeping my fingers crossed that they pass the Airplane inspection with flying colors!

As much as we would love to have Lil Wingman included in our wedding day, it’s just not in the cards — plus, he would much rather be hanging out with other doggies than cooped up all day. And with the handy Sunday pick-up, we will be able to see him before we leave for the honeymoon on Monday!

Now Lil Wingman wants to know…

photo 1

Did you have to make special arrangements for your furry friend(s) for the day/weekend/week of your wedding or honeymoon?

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