So You Need to Give a Shower Gift

Because Weddingbee is about everything weddings, I figured no one would mind if I interrupt your regularly scheduled planning and recap posts for a little shower gift how-to.

My half brother is getting married this summer, and this past weekend was his fiancee’s shower. As soon as I got the invitation I popped over to check out their registries in the hopes that I could do something special for them gift-wise. When I saw that they, like many couples, had registered for a few sets of towels, I immediately knew what I needed to do.

I’m talking about a towel cake!


Image via Sweet’n Treats

You’ve probably seen this or similar images on Pinterest — I know I have and have been hoping for a chance to try my hand at this mini craft ever since.

I bought two each of the bath and hand towels and two washcloths, and an assortment of kitchen utensils they had on their registry, as well as a pizza pan to act as the stand. I also purchased complimenting ribbon, a few clip-on flowers, and a wooden dowel.

photo 1

Then, following this YouTube video, I was able to easily form the three tiers of the cake.

I used a couple dots from the glue gun to get the ribbon to stick together, and added the dowel to keep the cake upright. Then I stuck in the utensils, clipped on the flowers, and set the cake on the wrapped pizza pan. Take a look at my finished product:

photo 4

The towel cake was a great spin on giving a gift that is very typically on a wedding registry. And honestly, it took me about as much time as a normal wrap job would have. The cake is easy to customize with different colors of ribbon and other decorations. So many of the women at the shower were intrigued by this idea, and I think there will be a few more towel cakes floating around at upcoming family functions!

photo 5

My brother and his future wife seemed to enjoy it as well.

Have you ever made a towel cake? What is the most unique gift you have ever given or received at a shower?

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