Saying Thanks, The DIY Way

If you ever dared to order invitation samples (swoon), or even placed a full-blown invite order (jealous) with Wedding Paper Divas, you know that, once they have your email address, they often send sale emails advertising discounts on their various products. One such email led me to begin to explore thank you card options, since I knew I would be needing a few of those come October.

I’m a simple girl. I was immediately drawn to the simplistic options, thinking these types of cards would easily be usable after the wedding. Here were some of the ones I bookmarked:


Chic Celebration cards via Wedding Paper Divas


Delicate Diagonal cards via Wedding Paper Divas

And my personal favorite:


Until Forever cards via Wedding Paper Divas

But…then the calculator came out. And I realized how many thank you cards I would actually need for a 200 person wedding. To be safe, I planned to order 150 cards, knowing that they would not only be used after the wedding, but could also be used for vendor tips, etc. Pricing out the Until Forever design, 150 cards, before shipping, totaled $208.50, making each card $1.39. Even with a 20% off coupon code, the cards were still over a dollar each. I knew there must be a better way.

Since Amazon is my go-to website for absolutely everything (free shipping, y’all!), I started looking for blank pre-scored cards that I could use as my wedding thank yous. I eventually found these:


50 Blank Greeting Cards & Envelopes 5×7 A7 White by Darice via Amazon

At time of posting, the price for these guys is at $8.22 for a pack of 50, but when I purchased them they were even cheaper at just $7.61 for a 50 pack. The cost for one card? 15 cents, plus the cost of some printer ink.

A note about our printing hardware: while I am handing over save the date and invitation printing to Mama Plane, I knew I was too obsessed with all things paper related to bug her for every little printer project we had. So early on in the planning process, the Airplanes did a ton of research and purchased a new HP inkjet printer, which is what I used to print these bad boys. I made sure to choose the best quality print option (normally used for photo printing) from the print screen and I was very pleased with the coloring of the final product. I went with grey, one of our wedding colors, over black for a little extra customization.

Using the Until Forever cards as my inspiration, here’s what I ended up with (all photos personal):


Imagine those little swirls at the bottom are our names

I used Pages, the Mac version of Publisher, to create the card, which included a download of a font called Before the Rain.  After resizing a few times and printing a bunch of test pages on regular paper, I was able to get them looking acceptable, and printed nearly all of the 150 cards I had purchased.


Like Miss Road Trip, I played around a bit with some different lines and borders, but in the end I kept with my “Keep it Simple” mantra and went with the card you see here.


If you are more of the colorful and impressive type, these probably aren’t for you, but clean and simple is right up my ally.

My only qualm about the cards is that they are slightly larger than what I would consider a “traditional” thank you card to be — these clock in at 5 x 7, which means a lot more space to fill up. Somehow I suspect my post-wedding self will be perfecting my extra large handwriting by the end of thank you season.

For anyone that is looking for an easy way to cut the costs of wedding paper products and is also a fan of the minimalist approach, allow me to thoroughly endorse DIY thank you cards. This was an easy-peasy project and I truly don’t believe any of our guests will even realize these are semi-homemade. Anyway, it’s the message inside that is the most important, right?

Did you DIY your thank you cards?


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