Airplane Adventures: The Bachelorette Party

This past weekend, MOH Morticia and BM Rocket were kind enough to indulge in my love of country music and cowboys by accompanying me on a weekend trip to Nashville for my bachelorette party! BM Spring was unable to make the trip, but she was there in spirit!

We departed on Friday after work, donned in cowboy boots, homemade t-shirts, and tiaras (obvi).

(All photos personal)


“Country Fried Bachelorette Weekend” was our slogan.

A lot of our trip revolved around food and music. We ate at some ridiculously good restaurants, including Kocktails and Kouture, Southern Steak and Oyster Company, Bella Nashville, and my personal favorite, Mad Platter. If you are into menu stalking as much as I am, check out some of the food at these places. I gained at least 10 pounds over the course of three days.

Nightlife in Nashville is unlike any I have experienced in any other city. Live country cover bands at every bar, no cover, and friendly people wherever you go. We encountered no less than 3 more bachelorette parties, a bachelor party, and groups from Germany and Australia.



It helped that I wore a light-up sash, button, and ring out to the bars, because it drew a lot of attention and was a great conversation starter.



Bachelorette wear. 

Days were spent exploring the city, shopping, bike rides, soaking up the sun, and day drinking. While we didn’t partake in any of the museums or art galleries, there were plenty dotted around the city and we probably could have filled another day with sightseeing.

But what truly made this trip special was the women that spent the time and funds to make it so memorable. From the vast selection of my favorite snacks for the airplane ride, to the tiaras and other bachelorette adornments, to the late nights spent dancing at the honkeytonks, these girls know how to make a bride feel loved. I know I’m biased, but I pretty much have the best bridal party ever!

While we were in Nashville, Mr. Plane was busy in Toronto celebrating his bachelor party. He and BM Chopper, GM Dashboard, and GM Loafer were doing things like taking in a baseball game, going salmon fishing, and other manly things.


Super sexy manly man.

Both of the Airplanes had great weekends celebrating with our closest friends, but now it’s time to really put our noses to the wedding grindstone. We’re almost at the 2 month mark and stuff is getting real, yo!

Did you spend a weekend celebrating your bachelorette status?

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