Shower Superstitions

During each of my showers, I kept hearing about some of the superstitions surrounding bridal showers. Some I had heard before, while some were new to me. Either way, they were fun to contemplate! Here are a few that came up.

Break a Ribbon, Have a Baby

I explained this superstition to Mr. Plane on the way to our first shower. He thought it was pretty goofy, but you better believe he did everything in his power to avoid breaking any ribbons!

Finally, one of the last gifts we opened at the first shower, I ripped right through a piece of ribbon on purpose. Oopsies! Sorry, Mr. Plane — more babies for us!

Keep Those Ribbons for Good Luck

Ripped or not, they say it is good luck to collect the ribbons from your bridal showers and create a “ribbon bouquet” to use during your ceremony rehearsal. After two showers full of ribbons, I have a beautiful bouquet to carry the day before the wedding.


My bow-quet! Mr. Plane thinks it’s tacky, but I think it’s beauteous! Thanks, MOH Morticia, for putting this together!

The Order of Gifts

These are some that I had never heard before… For luck, the first gift the bride opens should be the first one she uses in her home. The third gift, however, might cause some anxiety among guests, as it is said to dictate the next person to have a baby!

I didn’t know this until after all the gifts were opened, but those third-gift-givers better watch out!

Give a Penny with a Knife

Mama Plane gave us one of our Wüsthof knives at our first shower, and on the box she had taped a penny. I looked at her and said, “What’s the penny for?”


As the tale goes, it is considered bad luck to give a gift of a knife — you are essentially inferring that you wish for the relationship to be severed by the blade. In order to avoid this, money (normally a penny) is usually included for the recipient to “buy” the knife from the giver — that way it is not a bad-natured gift, but a business transaction.

I’ve always thought superstitions are fun, even though I don’t necessarily believe in them — I’m more of an “everything happens for a reason” type of gal. At this point in the wedding planning, though, I feel like I can use all the luck I can get!

What superstitions did you observe at your bridal showers? Any that I forgot here?


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