Boarding Pass: The Airplanes Get Crafty

Now that I had some inspiration, it was time to hit MS Publisher and get designing.

During the design process, not only did I spend a lot of time browsing Etsy for inspiration, I also perused Cards & Pockets for quite some time looking for supplies. Early on I decided I had to have the No. 10 pocket fold. The No. 10 put a nice little twist on the standard pocket fold while being small enough to fit into a standard #10 envelope (which I hoped would provide a cost savings later on in the process — spoiler alert: it did.)

To give you an idea of how many designs we went through (or rather, I designed and Mr. Plane vetoed), here are just 9 of the more than 30 iterations of our invites.


Personal screen shot of invite designs by Miss Airplane

Mr. Plane and I had a hard time agreeing on what we wanted the invite to look like. He disliked my favorites and I wasn’t thrilled with his choices. Finally, though, we came to a consensus that looked something like this:


Hopefully you get the idea, despite the blackouts. / Personal screen shot of invite design by Miss Airplane

We had agreed on our invitations! Time to move on to something else.


To give you an idea of the time frame, I designed these things almost a year ago. Which means I had plenty of time for my tastes to change, for the wedding theme to develop, and for a lot of other aspects to morph into something that more closely resembles what the wedding looks like today.

About six months later it was nearly time to get our invites to the printer. But when I opened the file containing the full invitation suite that I had painstakingly designed, I realized that…I hated them. I thought they were boring and really didn’t describe the wedding we were planning anymore. They had to change.

Around the same time that I wrote this post about our theme developing on it’s own, I ran across this gorgeous invitation suite, and it was love at first sight.


Gorgeous travel-inspired invitations by Holly Burns from Nothing But Bonfires

[Side Note: I love Holly’s story about how her invites came to be — if you have a minute to pop over and read about her beautiful invites, please do so!]

The old invites were scrapped and I found myself suddenly back at square one. Let the redesign begin!

Did you suffer from invitation regret? Where you as indecisive as I was when it came to your invitations?


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