Maps, Revisited: Escort Cards

Continuing from my last post about our table numbers, we also decided to use map paper in our escort cards.

I had a really hard time deciding on what to do for escort cards. I really felt like this was a place I could be creative, and something that people would actually notice because, well, they literally have to look at the escort card display if they want to sit down to eat!

Most of my inspiration was travel/airplane themed…

DIY Travel Theme Backdrop

Can you imagine folding all of those paper planes?! / Photo via A Day with Lil Mama Stuart


Maybe just a board instead… / Photo by True Photography Weddings via their blog


Again, more folding. Ain’t nobody got time for that. / Photo by Christine Farah via Love and Lavender

But my favorite of them all was…


No folding required! / Photography by Erin Johnson Photography via Inspired by This


Built-in wine charms! / Photography by Vela Images; Floral Design by Leaf and Honey; via Style Me Pretty

After doing the initial searching and pinning, I did what every procrastinating bride would do and forgot about it for a while. Then, one day while browsing Etsy, I came across these fun little dudes.

il_570xN.476914894_elmdYes, you will be mine. / Photo by Little Merriments via their Etsy store

I revisited my inspiration pins and knew these had to be incorporated in our wedding. Off to Hobby Lobby I went, where I picked up a few bags of the tiniest clothes pins known to man.

(Personal photos from here on out.)

photo 3

And so began my journey of gluing 200 tiny little paper airplane cutouts onto 200 tiny little clothespins.

photo 2

photo 10

Meanwhile, at the tiniest airport in the universe…

photo 12

I even mocked up some of our escort cards to get the full effect.

photo 3

Featuring our official wedding fonts, Freebooter Script and Tall Films

photo 4

photo 5

I have yet to determine how we will be displaying the little planes as guests arrive at the reception, but I will definitely have a wine glass or two present so people get the idea. Mr. Plane is totally convinced no one will use these little guys on the edge of their drink glasses, which might  be true. But even if that is the case, these things are so gosh darn cute, you might end up seeing one in my up-do at some point during the reception!

Did you do traditional escort cards? Be honest — do you think any of my guests will decorate their beverages with little plane clips?


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