Designing the Rings: Part III (Finally!)

If you’ve been hanging around long enough, you might remember when I was going on and on about designing our wedding bands. I mean, we’re talking posts that went up in March, people. Well, this past weekend we were finally able to pick up our rings. Why the delay, you ask? Because Miss Airplane saw a creepy smile in her first ring and had to have it remade.

Allow me to explain…

If you’ll recall, one of the first steps in creating a a piece of jewelry is to make a mold. The mold for my wedding band looked like this:

([Nearly] all photos personal.)

photo (3)

So I probably shouldn’t have been surprised when I picked up the finished product and it looked exactly like the mold.

photo 2

This shouldn’t have been an issue: Chris took exactly what I said I wanted and I OK’ed the design before it went into production. However, after I brought the band home and practiced wearing it (come on, you know you did the same thing!) every time I looked at it all I could see was a smile. Not just any smile — a creepy rapper smile with a blingy grill in his teeth. I’m talkin’ Lil’ Wayne all up in my wedding band!


Can you see the resemblance? / Photo via Rap Genius

I really wasn’t thrilled with my band, but I felt bad about saying anything — why, I’m not sure. But it took me over a week to confess to Mr. Plane that I really wasn’t in love with my wedding band. Luckily, he understood — he loved his band, and he wanted me to love mine just as much. He even offered to call Chris, our jeweler, and tell him, since I was too embarrassed.

After another few weeks and a couple more molds, we settled on something that didn’t look like a smile! By straightening out the diamonds and getting rid of the tapered edges, my new and improved band looks more like a wedding ring and less like dental bling.

photo 3


Ah, much better!

Mr. Plane, on the other hand, didn’t have to go through any of this nonsense! He was incredibly happy with his wedding band from the get-go.

photo 1

Like most things, Mr. Plane wanted his ring to be unique. The shape and style is definitely that, and it suits him perfectly. I can’t wait to see that ring on his finger every day for the rest of his life!

Did you have wedding ring regret? Am I the only bride that saw a smile in her wedding band?


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