The RSVP Dance: Now with More Pie Charts!

The Airplanes have finally received the last of the RSVP cards, and with that I can share with you the breakdown of who will officially be attending the wedding.

In all, we invited 216 people. We were aiming for 200, but somehow that number creeped up to 216. In terms of who “belonged” to who, here’s what that looked like:


I would say that is pretty close to being even! And where are they coming from, you might ask?


Again, not really too surprising here. I defined “out of town” as more than a 30 mile car ride — because let’s be honest, I have coworkers who are not technically “in town.” The large portion of out-of-towners are mostly comprised of Mr. Plane’s family, who hail from the middle of the mitten (as opposed to mine, who are more southeastern Michiganders).

I was pretty surprised when our RSVP date rolled around and there were still about 50 people we hadn’t heard from, but no one could hide from the Airplanes! Mr. Plane, FMIL Plane, Mama Plane, and I divided and conquered, and eventually were able to hunt everyone down within about a week past the deadline.

So who is coming? Here’s what our final numbers look like:

Of the 216 invited, 151 are attending, and 65 are celebrating from afar.


I’ve read that a “normal” decline rate is anywhere between 15-20%, which means we are a bit higher than average. However, due to Mr. Plane’s high number of out of town guests, this wasn’t very surprising (more on that in a minute).

Of those attending, my family has reserved the most seats, with Mr. Plane’s family not far behind.


And here’s how far our guests will be travelling:


Great showing from the out of town/state invitees! Looking at this chart, it really makes me feel special that more than half of our guests will be travelling to make it to the wedding. I hope it’s worth it!

That one little sliver for guests coming from out of the country is for Usher N — he’s coming all the way from Australia, and will definitely be getting the Furthest Traveled Award!

In the early stages of planning, I wrote down a more complex formula from Once Wed that is supposed to help predict the number of guests you should expect based on the number invited. It goes:

(# of out of town guests * 65%) + (# of local guests * 905) = total # estimated to attend

  • If we were to fill in our numbers, it would look like this:

(145*65%) + (75*90%)=161.75

Again, just a little bit below even the more complex estimate. But, I’m really ok with that. While I did feel a little twinge of sadness every time I saw a “must celebrate from afar” box checked, I understand that people have their own lives to live, and sometimes you just have to decline an invitation, even if it is to a really awesomesauce wedding.

So there you have it! The Airplane wedding RSVP breakdown. Now that we have everyone accounted for, we can finalize numbers with the venue, the linen provider, and, most importantly, on the budget sheet.

What did your final guest list breakdown look like? Were you surprised with your final numbers?


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